Whars your IQ?

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  1. Pretty simple really, whats yours and how did you find out? Testing online, at school, or in normal life you organised it?

    Mine was 126 on an online test last time i checked...
  2. Just realised i spelt the title wrong, -10 to my IQ for that...
  3. 250.

    Nah I'm just fuckin' witcha lol
  4. IQ tests online are Mainly bs, trust me, I'm a psychologist... But 137 since u asked, and their is no way that is correct, unless I'm a genius haha
  5. :laughing:
  6. I got a 2150 on my SAT when I took it lol haven't taken an IQ test though..
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    ??? I'm glad my profession amuses you! What I find most intriguing is that you provide no semblance of a contribution to this post, yet think it appropriate to leave a negative, devaluing comment like that for no reason, with no explanation, something tells me you have issues my friend. Deal with your own issues instead of projecting negativity to others, you
    Don't see me firing an unprovoked attack at you, As tempted as I am to retaliate, I shall refrain this time. Please don't be posting unless it's constructive, thanks!
  8. i think this post classifies as retaliation..
  9. My IQ is 420
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    Haha I considered that before posting but no I would disagree, I didn't attack you, simply voicing that I felt your post was unnecessary and unhelpful. I didn't get aggressive or have a go at you personally even though you have offended me for no reason. I Dont want to argue ( especially with a fellow grower), that's what YouTube is for ;) but I wasn't going to just ignore it either.
  11. Online IQ tests mean nothing, and tests managed by psychology organisations only test logical thinking skills, it by no means represent intelligence. That said my IQ is 158.
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    Pretty much nailed it there. General and fluid intelligence are different and I completely agree that these tests are useless, perhaps helpful for diagnosing developmental disorders but that's all really!

    1. You did, and are still attacking him...
    2. Passive aggression is still aggression...
    3. Yet you keep trying to do so...

    I would say, 'someone' has issues.:rolleyes:
  13. IQ test do very as some have mentioned.

    Mine has ranged from 129-159 depending on the test...logic, conceptual, 'problem solving' skills are my strong points, I tend to ignore who did what when (history details) while focusing on the theory or concept...a big picture view.

    (who/what/when I do use as data in IT forensics though)
  14. IQ: 140
    SAT: 1970

    Edit: I did that IQ-SAT converter, and it said my IQ should be 140, which it is. That's a pretty accurate calculator.
  15. I took an IQ test when I was about 7 years old to check for giftedness.

    Only got 121 :smoke:
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    Dude, you're arguing with him because he put a laughing face in reply to your post? Haha somebody needs a chill pill... Or some more weed :)
  17. my apologies for offending you..

    i was laughing at the "trust me" part and not your actual profession.

    welcome to GC and again my apologies.. i didn't mean to offend.
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    No, It was a Miscommunication, I thought he was laughing at my profession and voiced that I didn't appreciate it. And yes rolling up now :)

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