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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive,
    (at the end of the line)
    I'm just glad to be here, happy to be alive,
    (at the end of the line)
    It don't matter if your by my side, I'm satisfied.

    Welllllll, it's allllllll right,
    Ridin around in the breeze,
    Welllllll, it's allllllll right,
    If you live the life you please,
    Welllllll, it's alllllll right,
    Even if the sun don't shine,
    Wellllll, it's alllllll right,
    We're going to the end of the line.

    All I ever needed to know, I learned from "The Traveling Wilbury's Volume III".


    Everyone together now, (or at least those of us north of the equator, sorry Mr. Crit)......................


    Already got a pretty good tan/sunburn, two ruined mower blades, a worn out chain on the saw, and I got pretty drunk in the yard last Saturday. Shame my 'puter won't reach outside, I could come and talk to you and say things like "therej; lemg feeeelmmmmnnnrt!!!" And you could reply. Or not.

    And now I'll respond to another thread inside of this one in my continuing effort to keep other people and myself confused.

    So Norm, ya all depressed and figgered you come and dump it on my front porch? Nuh-uh! Either cheer the fuck-up or start wearing mascara and change your name to Hemlock Euthinasia and start hanging around Goth bars in your town.


    You don't have any in your town?

    Boy, are they gonna look at you funny!

    So aside from bummed hillbilly in Arkansas and everyone drinking cough syrup cause they ain't got no weed, how's the pulse of the city?
  2. Smoke the weed, fuck the war!
  3. .......and...........oh yeah......ignore the kids!
  4. Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive,
    (at the end of the line)
    I'm just glad to be here, happy to be alive,
    (at the end of the line)
    It don't matter if your by my side, I'm satisfied.
    ^^more deeeep wisdom from pokie^^

    it feels good to have the sun on my face again, killed all my fish *not a good idea to buy more then clean out their litttle hiding spots i the same day*

  5. Ignore the kids. LOL
  6. Ahhhhh, my lil indian dude, I wish I could lay claim to such sage words, but those belong to Tom,(petty) George,(harrison) Jeffrey,(hammond) Roy,(orbison) and Bob(dylan).

    I'll bet ya look really good killin fish!;)
  8. I did'nt know if ya knew or not.

    I did'nt want ya to go thinking I was smart or something.

    EDIT: So am I to understand you were holding the 3 yr. old by the legs letting her kill the fish? Or were you using her for bait?:)
  9. *ooooh, i know*
    its a multitude of things pokie,
    i do dangle her so she can see'em reeal good.
    she hada stickonce,...she fell in ( you KNOW how dirty kids are) bought new fish they were probably diseased,(walmart, YEA I KNoW) gaveem alll new water and took away the too good of hiding spots i made for them...threw some ick stuff in there took away all their algea, gave em some snails.mabe the snails killed my fish :D and added real wather plants.probably a little stressful on my fishies. ah well its not like i named em or anything *little sigh* cameron was the first to go. and spot is either dead or hiding still.

    whats wrong with using kids as bait anyhow eh?

  10. I sent letters to all the county commissioners last week about a problem. One of them called me last Friday night. He left a message on my machine when we came in from eating out (drinking and smoking with munchies intermixed) I paranoided out and the Mrs. was impressed that I wrote such a fine letter to recieve a call from the Government. She started to take his number down so I could call him back, when I realized that the fine Commissioner gave me MY PHONE NUMBER as his to call him back. We both had a good laugh, with me saying that he was at the country club tossing a few back as he called his constituents.

    I went outside "for a nother moke" (my secret code word for an illicit behaviour) and when I walked back in the phone rang. There I stood all "Crittered" up staring at the ringing phone when a second paranoid attck tok hold. My wife said to take a deep breath an answer the phone. I cleared my throat, took a deep breath and answered the phone in my best professional, telephone voice.......

    But it was some drunk guy looking for another drunk guy. And my wife laughed and teased me for being so paranoid.
  11. Mokeing, dead fish, paranoia, and all that stuff in one thread.. This must be the thread of a lifetime!!!!!!

    So what was you waiting for a call on POPPA?
  12. fixed my problem.....:) lil fuckers cant hide from me now, well till their plants grow.
    *new rule no more pokin sticks at my fishies*
    went to the bait shop bought fish for 60cents apiece....unlike the 10$ ones.....look the same to the bait shop guy liked my smile so i gotta coupla extra purteyones.

    since weve gone thiiis far...whats the difference between koy, and "sumthin"carp? arent they kinda the same? big ole goldfish.

    Attached Files:

  13. Nice looking fish! I guess you have a smil4e that puts them to shame though!
  14. aaaw budhead, ya can charm when ya wanna....:D

  15. since weve gone thiiis far...whats the difference between koy, and "sumthin"carp? arent they kinda the same? big ole goldfish.

    anyone? :)

  16. Patch, who is the fish expert in the house, says your spotted ones are Koy, the gold are either comets or shubunkin. We got a pond too, only we keep it in a 50 gal. tank.
  17. do not forget only 60 feakincencts a piece :)
    i believe i know what killed my other fish, quite a little shock treatment that day :D

  18. stoned, and im gonna freeload a rant, as i normally would, IM GONNA TAG IT ON TO SMOKIES THREAD LIKE A TURBIN ON A TALIBAN!!
    so, i been workin my ass off..well..for the past two days weve been working in my principals yard..he is such a dick..or so i thought, but more on that later...anyway, the first day we were there, my supervisor cut his satellite cable not his own, but my principals.
    thats such a fucking funny word
    anyway, the state has mandated that american national government cannot be taught in schools, what kind of a fucking message are we sending our youth if we cant even educate them about orgatrain of thought has derailesssssss
    salvia messing up weed high i can hear all ambient plains and refrigeradors and air conditioners, and cats, and dogs, and cars, and highways and train tracks, and car alarms, and women yelling, and babies crying and general sounds of an over industrialized, technologically hyped, crackwhore of a civilization, every one of our priorities is ass backwards

    go back to our indian tribes and what not...they did what they had to do, and the rest of the day was for lounging and relaxing and whatever..*cough*peacepipe*cough* they would get their food, HEALTHY FRESH FOOD..the would pick their produce HEALTHY FRESH PRODUCE..they would mix their own herbs for medicine, and have it work, natural herbs, they had the knowledge to do all of this, and do it very well, and it worked exactly fine.

    we do more than we have to, we cram pack our lives with high intensity, ultra stressful, long houred chaos. and have a few moments to rest until we pass out on the couch, praying for the day we can retire and do nothing all the time...we eat premade, extra greasy, synthesized, pasteurized, preserved, frozen, thawed, microwaved, nuked, over processed, sugared up, generally man made plop for food...and even if we try to eat healthy it costs us out the yang, and even then its been altered somewhere along they way, be it fertilizers and whatnot, much less all the chemicals in the air and ground in the first place....we have our ultra synthesized medicines that distort or stupify one system or another in our body to fix whatever problem we have, and sometimes burn us, give us the squirts, hell, even kills us as side affects.

    in our gigantic quest for knowledge to know everything, the necessities have crept out and been overridden by the periphreal ideals that materialistic things define success in our civilization. isnt just survival itself a success?
  19. I keep my ferret Kilo in a 50 gallon aquarium....,, for the time being. I'm buying a cage for it off this girl I like's boyfriend for $50..he's gonna love it. Also he doesn't bite me hard anymore and understands No!
  20. i want a midget..hank has a many of you know who hank is.

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