Whaddya say?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by farside12, Jul 2, 2002.


Whaddya say

  1. Lost Cause

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  2. Faint Hope

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  3. Strong Hope

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  1. Hey there,

    I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me...
    I have a plant or 2 that I have had in flowering mode for about 3 weeks now. One of them was started a week later than the other (almost beginning to sound like a story problem isn't it? :D ). Anyhow, due to a new job by both my spouse and I, we have been trying to adjust the 12/12 schedule to fit with our new work schedules. The plants were originally on an 11a/11p schedule (one of them sexed within that time frame), then they got moved right to a 9a/9p schedule for a few days, but that didn't work out so they went on to a 4a/4p schedule which they have been on for a few days (except I have to ashamedly say that I forgot to even put them in the dark @ 4 today because I was late for work, so now they've been in total light for almost 24 hours). I plan to put them on a 3a/3p (as this seems like the most fitting time for a permanent light schedule according to my spouse and I's work schedules) today (it's about 2:45 am as I type this).

    My question is this: Have I so totally "confused" my plants that I might as well not even hope for any buds on them?

    I understand the helpfulness of a timer and all (I have a basic on/off one with a single outlet on it), but if you were to see how many cords I am using in my setup, you would know that to plug that many cords into one outlet is just a fire waiting to happen.

    So what do you say? Lost cause? Faint hope? Strong hope?


  2. Yes...you have totally confused your plants...without a doubt...now you see the importance of a timer...let me ask you,,,do you want buds?..I thought so...get a timer on a circuit,,sacrifice something in that tangled mess you say you have,,,for the buds....Lighting is second only to security...

    Yes you can get right again,,but you have to stop messin with the light cycle,,the timer is consistant,,you are not...nobody can be...

    It will take a bit longer,,you may have lost a week or so in the schedule,,but when you lock down the light cycle,,it will be fine,,but I would get on it...

    keep us posted....good luck

  3. HIGH All, it's just to hard to try and be a timer farside12...it's a must have in your room. Do you have surge protectors plugged into your outlets? Some come up to 8 plugins it's what I used to have on both my outlets. My light and three air pumps used to be on one and the other plugin my fans and the rest of the air pumps.

    So as Ndicabud says "sacrifice something".
  4. Where can you get a good yet wallet-friendly timer?
  5. Well, Ndica, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that I managed to finaggle a timer into my cord maze. 12/12 all the way! :D

  6. when budding,,,, should you keep your fan(circulation system) on 24 hours or 12/12 like the lighting
  7. Good luck,,,have fun....be safe


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