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  1. Hey everyone, I'm Pat. I've been smoking for a while now (solid 5 years) and I've always read these forums but never actually got to make an account, so here I am!

    So heres a little bit about me. I live in Ohio and I eventually plan on moving out west. I love cars especially euros (hence the username). I love chilling with friends, working on my car (VW Mk4 Jetta 2.0), music, lifting, xbox, and of course chiefin! I've recently gotten into Djing and making my own music so you could possibly hear some dubstep from me in the near future!

    Also, I grow, but only in the summer where I live so I will be starting up again in March. My last season would have been very successful with three GIANT sativas and a few clones, but they were robbed a few weeks before harvest. I'm willing share my information on growing and I also want to learn some new tips about it too!

    Thats some things to know about me and I'm happy that I've finally become a member on here. I'm currently waiting on my new RooR to come in so hopefully I'll have some pics up when i get it. Thanks for reading! Keep blazin!:smoke:
  2. Welcome to Grasscity! It's safer here...

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