wha part of tha nation u represent - privacy guaranteed, I hope

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Wha part of da US u from?

  1. WeST CoaST

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  2. RoCKieS

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  3. MiD WeST

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  4. DiRTy SouTH

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  5. EaST CoaST

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  6. I THiNK THa FeDz CaN FiND Me

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  7. FoRGoT

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  1. Aight, where in the US of A u's from. If u not from here, den imma make a poll later for the world.
  2. we dont fall in with the rest of the lowwer 48 up here in alaska!
  3. Los Angeles right here
  4. South Central Alaska. Born and raised, haha
  5. Illinois

    (the 'S' is silent!)
  6. Yip you'll need to do that world poll.....i'm across the pond in Scotland....Peace out....Sid
  7. I suppose I would be considered in the southern part........maybe........who knows, I'm too stressed to think clearly. These damn state police are getting on my last nerves!!!!!!!!! Oh, I almost forgot, I'm in southern WV.
  8. I'm in the South, for sure!

    LOL...KraziHare..."the 's' is silent"...it kills me to hear that 's' sometimes!!!
  9. You are from the northeast part of the south RMJL
  10. WEst coast representin

    just kidding, holding it down for the evergreen state ;)
  11. <-----jersey grrl!!


    <----jersey *shore* grrrl!

  12. Well, I consider the northeast part of the south to be the Carolinas. And I'm close...but I am originally from Mississippi so I am a southern girl no matter what....SO THERE!!!!!! NAH!!!!
  13. East Coast- Virginia.
  14. central illinois

  15. Yep your from the south all hostil and shit!

  16. Told ya!!!!
  17. i'm all by myself in the northeast, eastern connecticut... Trying to get some buds from mass, conn, ny to join... yeah, i'm stoned and i'm not gonna ramble

    peace and happy tokes
  18. down south somewhere in GA
  19. Hey BUDHEAD, all of us southerners ain't hostile, just because we booted out that democratic governor in our state who took away our CONFEDERATE flag...................ROFL. howdy, fella southerner, pleased to meet yor acquaintance; I was actually born in TN... right after the war (II). My dad made bombs at Y-12 in Oak Ridge....ain't nothin to brag about...just a lil history. keep on tokin!!!!!!!!!

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