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  1. am on my first grow ... germinated my seeds .. meaning I waited for them to crack and I could see the white root tip .. then planted them in separate pots in the soil mixture I made (5 parts soil, 5 parts perlite, 1 part each bag guano and worm castings) think I have been watering properly .. keeping the soil moist ... it's been more than a week but still no signs of seedlings (planted 4 seeds) from everything I've read seems they should be sprouting by now .. don't know what went wrong .. the only thing I could think of is temprature .. as it's autumn it's been a little cool... days in the mid 60's to low 70's .. nights in the high 50's to mid 60's .. anyway .....any help would be greatly appreciated .. thanks ...
  2. for what it's worth it's hawaiian sativa ...
  3. .. I planted them about 1/2" down .. I have noticed when I water the perlite makes the soil kind of float up ... so the seeds might have ended up somewhere else but I don't see them on the surface and they still must be in the pots .. although I also planted one in regular potting soil which doesn't shift .. but no sprout ...what could I have done wrong to make them not sprout???? ..why don't they like me???... I think I've been keeping the soil moist but if I allowed it to dry out would that kill the tap root???? .... I'm at a loss so am going to germinate three more seeds and try again .. but would appreciate any advice on how to get my already planted seeds to sprout ....
  4. i already see some seed sprout after a month so dont be affraid it depend on your soil humidity and on your soil temp. last time that i plant some seed , i planted 20 seeds ,
    6 came out in a week,i waited another to transplant them to let them get some little muscle b4 transplant, after repoting, 2 week later i got 2 new little baby, and the worst thing is that the pot i was planted the seed on, i take this soil to replant my plant so the soil was moved from a pot to anootheer one and the seed still germinate after 4 weeks, now im scrwed up and ave to replant them all!!!
  5. btw: when i germinated some i try the 2 method
    1: paper towel
    2: direct in soil

    i got better result with option 2 but it take a bit longer to sprout. when u put it into a paper towel, they crack, if you touch them with your hand you can screw them up even if you dont broke them
  6. About a week is not too long, wait a few days more to see what happens. Was your soil medium sterile? I don't grow much weed, but have a huge garden, and find that if the soil I start seeds in is sterilized, I have much better germination.
  7. okay so I gave it another shot ... tossed three seeds in water overnight .. two cracked and I could see the white root tip and one didn't but I went ahead and planted all three .. this time was very careful to use tweezers when planting so I didn't touch them with my fingers .. also picked up some soil especially for planting seeds .. that was 10 days ago .. and .. not a sprout to been seen ...@#$%@#! ... the only thing I can image is they're hawaiian sativa (bought from seeds direct) and it's too cool for them .. so today put them under a light .. maybe the warmth will encourage them to come out ... geeeezzzzz ... I never knew it was so hard to grow ...... a weed ...
  8. get a plate.
    put two peices of paper towel down.
    put ur seeds inbetween them.
    keep them moist but not soup.
    wait till the root is about 1/4-1/2 inch long.
    get a pot of dirt and put a small hole in.
    stand the seed upright with the white tap root pointing down (doesnt have to be exact down but closer the better)
    dont bury the top of the seed so that is sees light.

    this is the easiest and surest way to know which one is germinating and which isnt.
    should see a green leaf in less than 5 days from that.

    the seed has plenty of food for it to grow for a while without the leaf.
  9. looks like I'm finally gonna have some success ... but not with the hawaiian maui seeds ... got some skunk #1 seeds along with the maui seeds .. germinated 3 skunk seeds and my final 2 maui seeds and the skunks went nuts .. those puppies germinated overnight with the tap root sticking out a good 1/2" .... they've been carefully planted and am expecting to see some green in a couple of days ... meanwhile nothing's happening with the 2 maui seeds .. my experience with the other maui seeds was that if they did crack the edge of the tap root showed but never came out any more than that ... is it possible I got a bad batch of seeds or is hawaiian maui just difficult to grow .. also was wondering .. is skunk #1 an indica or sativa strain .. hopin' it's sativa ....
  10. If they start tapping out they are good seeds. If no plants after 2 weeks, they usually are dead.

    Sounds like an overwatering problem. It doesn't take much water, about once a week for seeds to come up. If the soil is moist to start with, then there's plenty of moisture to get them up and going.
  11. ^^^^thats what i thought. it sounded like you were drowning them.
  12. i've grew the Hawaaii Maui before, it's what i'm going to start growing in a couple of weeks, if you've waited for it to sprout, did you plant it with the sprout that's just appeared facing downwards? if not try that...also as thay BPP and bud stuffer said, it's prob over watering....remember you don't need the whole pot wet when seeds are in it....just enough for the one seed....hope it all works out o.k.....os the one i grew turned out to be male...bummer...but it do grow very fast.....Peace out....Sid
  13. hmmmm.. yeah I think I'm guilty of over watering them .. was watering them every other day and keeping the soil moist ... there is a lot of perlite in the soil so it drains well but think I was giving them too much water ... should mention I finally had success germinating a hawaiian maui seed .. this one cracked and the tap root came out a good 1/2" .. none of the others did .. about half cracked the other half didn't but the tap root never showed itself on those that did .. anyway .. got the soil good n' wet when I planted my 3 skunk seeds and 1 hawaiian seed .. reckon I won't give them any more water until I see the seedlings .. nothing seems to be happening with the other hawaiian seed I'm trying to germinate so ... guess all I want is for christmas is for that hawaiian seed I planted to be a boy ...thanks for all the replies and advice!!!!!
  14. guess all I want is for christmas is for that hawaiian seed I planted to be a boy

    don't you mean female..lol....Peace out....Sid
  15. oops ..... errr .... guess all I want for Christmas is for that Hawaiian seed I planted to be a girl ....
  16. lol...that's better....Peace out....Sid
  17. in the immortal words of Homer Simpson .. whooo hooo!!! my hawaiian seed and one of the skunk seeds showed themselves today .. I'm now the proud father of 2 seedlings ... the consensus of what I've read seems to be:

    -keep them uner 24/0 light for the first three weeks ... currently have them under 1 100w cool fluro about 2" above them.. think I'll need another 100w when they start getting bigger ..

    -then switch to 18/6 light for 6-8 weeks of vegging .

    -then 12/12 under hps for flowering ..

    have them in little 4" starter pots now .. the biodegrabable kind you can directly transplant .. which I think I will do in couple of weeks .. I have limited grow space and was wondering what was the smallest pot for my pot I could get away with .. I'm living in a country that favors the metric system so dimensions would be the easiest way to understand .. inches are okay can convert into centis .. have no clue how big a 5 gal pot is etc ...cheers
  18. Sounds pretty good to me.....as for the pot...a 5 gallon pot is approx 10" or 25cm or 250mm in width....usually plastic...the sizes over here usually go from like 4" to 6 to 10......the smallest you'd get away with depends on when you're gonna trigger flowering....i use a 4" then go to a 10".....hoever i would imagine if you're gonna trigger her when she's approx 12" high that a 3 gallon pot would suffice....i think that would be 6 or 8" in width....just double check....hope that helps you....Peace out...Sid....p.s. why the fluros if you have a HPS??
  19. Hey Sid .... a multitude of thanks for the info ... don't have an hps right now .. can't find one where I'm living .. am returning to the US for Xmas and plan on picking one up then .... think I'll be okay .. will be back here in early Jan which means my plants will have 2 good months of veg growth ... other 2 skunk seeds came up today!! .. cheers
  20. You're welcome....Peace out...Sid

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