WH Shuts Down the Free Bradley Manning Petition before it gets 25k sigs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lenny., Nov 19, 2011.

  1. do we know if hes even alive? or he's
    general well being?
    I think he's being an example of.
    So if you're going to do what he did...
    you better not get caught.....
  2. He's being tortured through extreme isolation.
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    rofl @ their motto..

    Whats happening to Bradley Manning is sickening. Truth is treason in the empire of lies.
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXWTdTnhebs]Obama-We're the Most Transparent and Ethical Administration in U.S. History! - YouTube[/ame]

    Most transparent ever !!! :rolleyes:

    Still waiting to see who visits the WH.
  5. I just watched that video
    and yelled
    "are you fucking serious?"
  6. Servicemen are subject to different laws than civilians. Bradley is a traitor, and for one of the worst presidents ever Obama continues to impress me.
  7. Hypocrisy at its finest, White house takes down Free Bradley Manning petition basically saying "because we can" yet this is called we the people, your voice in government. What a joke. Someone remind me why Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize please. Obama considers himself a Constitutional Law Professor? Guess he doesn't know the 5th amendment. Maybe he should take some classes with Ron Paul.

  8. First off, that's -alleged- until a trial.

    And I am quite aware of there being a difference between servicemen and normal civilians. However, Manning is not an enemy combatant, and I personally interpret the 6th amendment when it says - "In all criminal prosecutions" having a right to a speedy trail - to mean every last one.

  9. Servicemen are still subject to the same Constitution. Get your NeoCon hypocrisy out of here. I remember you rambling about how we should militarize even more because it's the "government's responsibilty".

  10. Really? So they have the right to free speech? They can literally say whatever the hell they want, when they want? No. They are not granted all of the rights in the Constitution, they waive some when signing below the dotted line......

  11. We have gotten "soft"... since when did we not try people and just shoot them on site Murica style?
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    Bradley deserves a trial and he will get one, that's different from FREEDOM. lol some of those petitions are just retarded.

    I was talking about how we dealt with the other traitor. There were military and civilian police around while he was murdering people. They should have shot him on site, no trial needed there. Why have eyewitness reports in trial if a police officer's eye witness isn't even enough for some of you people?
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    In all seriousness, when will he get the trial? It's been over a year since he was incarcerated. Yeah, you've mentioned the difference between a servicemen and a civilian, so I guess that means servicemen can be detained indefinitely which is beyond retarded. If you ask me, he's been detained over a year without a trial so if they really can't produce enough evidence to convict him, maybe he should be free.

    But I understand neocon philosophy. I really do. He allegedly helped show us what the illegal Iraq war is really like so that makes him a traitor who deserves to die. He's a hero that should be commended.

    I swear, neocon philosophy is worse than libertarian utopia world sometimes.
  14. are you one of those people that think this guy did a bad thing
  15. Sensory deprivation and isolation is torture.

  16. Are you one of those people who think there was more justice under Saddam?
  17. Why are you quoting me? I didn't post that.

    EDIT: Wtf is up with this quoting issue? I'm quoting the wrong people
  18. LOL, I think most in Congress (past and present), HW Bush, Clinton, W Bush, and Obama are bigger traitors and enemies of the United States of America (and the world) than Bradley Manning or WikiLeaks.

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