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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by notes32, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. has anybody here ever tried wet (wet dipped in embalming fluid,formaldehyde) if so how is it?? ik alotta philly ppl smoke that stuff.

    Ps. im zooted as a motherfucker:smoke::smoke:
  2. Man don't smoke formaldehyde, that shit resides in people who die bro. Do you really want to smoke some fucked up chemicals? Just smoke herb and you'll probably be a lot better off.
  3. Im pretty sure embalming fluid means pcp. People die cuz theyre stupid and actually dip it in real embalming fluid.
  4. man I've heard of people buying weed dipped in formaldehyde because apparently a slang term for weed dipped in PCP is 'embalming fluid.' By far a very stupid, and cancerous idea.
  5. this is correct.
  6. Yup, your right.
  7. dude, its tight, I do it almost every day.
  8. Nasty stuff. But hey, it's your life right?
  9. I always thought that smoking weed dipped in embalming fluid had very similar, if not the same effects of smoking weed dipped in PCP. There was this TV show called Six Feet Under that used to be on HBO and it was about people who ran a funeral home. Anyway one of the main characters boyfriend was kinda a bad kid, and decided to take some weed and dip it in the embalming fluid. They called it fry in the show and some kid almost died doing it. But that was just a TV show, and might not be true. I am now realizing that dipping weed in embalming fluid is probably a lot different than PCP effects, but idk.
  10. People using real embalming fluid are victims of Natural Selection.

    Wet is dipped in PCP...not actual embalming fluid
  11. Google Big Lurch
  12. Smoking embalming fluid (the actual substance) will not do anything for you... its only bad for you.
  13. thanks for the info guys just for the record i never did the stuff, i dont like to mess with chemicals just natural beautiful just wanted to hear from ppl who did it. But I must say i always thought it was embalming fluid and not pcp?? hopefully more replies will get down to the bottom of it.
  14. ive only smoked weed dipped in vodka
    and it wasnt that great
  15. wet is ming hag dude. i stick to my wade, and thats all i do. well. i only drink the 6 nights that i smoke.
  16. hahaha dudde i googled that big lurch, thats some crazy shit! For all you lazy bastards, the brother was trippin on PCP and ate some chick. Yeah, he ripped her chest open and ate hes serving life in prison. So, in conclusion, PCP is a bad idea.

    Just smoke weed son, its good for ya:smoking:
  17. "Embalming fluid" is just a nickname for PCP when they dip Marijuana in it.

    Just like the other people said, it's not actually formaldehyde.

    A quick Google helps.

    It should be dually noted that cigarette smoke contains formaldehyde.
  18. Thread relating to substances other than Marijuana belong in Pandora's Box. -Trikky
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