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wet weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by stevie59, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. so the other day i picked up some green and when i got home i noticed it was a little wet nothing bad but still wet..i packed a bowl anyways but didnt get high so i looked at it through a magnifying glass and saw crazy amounts of crystals so my question is can wet green mess or not get you high?
  2. i think its still smokable but if you can, let it dry in a jar for a few days and see how it goes. also watch out for the molds, dont smoke it if it has molds on it.
  3. It'll get you high. How wet is it? Stick it in a jar, burp it for 10 min everyday (let fresh air in). This will help other cannabinoids convert to THC.

    Hope he hooked you up, wet buds weigh a lot.
  4. it could be the water trick that dealers use to add weight, but since thc isnt water soluble it should still get you high.
  5. It's more common for the grower to be negligent and not dry it properly.
  6. I have nothin to contribute to this thread other than to tell tooking i love that little clip in his sig, i watch it like 5 times every time i see it.

  7. i 100% agree to this, i do the same lol.

    but when i get wet green i tend to let it dry for a little while (normally overnihgt is fine) and then its dry by morning.!
  8. I usually just put my buds out overnight on a paper towel... No harm done.
  9. I havnt laughed harder from a sig ever... funny shit right there haha.
    Shouldnt be too hard to dry that bud out, toss a couple papers in the bag overnight, or leave it open for a few hours.
  10. paper will remove crystals?
  11. The paper will help absorb the moisture.

    I would recommend cutting up a sponge into half inch squares and then jar it up and burp it once every few days. Just make sure you don't use a sponge that comes pre-soaked in cleaning solution.
  12. throw that bitch in a mason jar and put it in your freezer for two or so weeks and air it out for a few minutes daily, shit will good
  13. I don't know about that. Wouldn't that freeze the moisture, preventing it from escaping when you air it out? Plus, wouldn't condensate form on the bud when you pull it out of the freezer, which then gets frozen when you put it back in the freezer?
  14. How much were you supposed to get. Buds that aren't dried have a lot of water weight.
  15. wet as in it wasnt dried properly? or water seemed to be added to it?

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