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wet weed. what to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RyRyToughGuy, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I dropped a nice nug in some water and long story short how I should I dry it out? Just wait? Its rather wet
  2. put it next to a fan?
  3. If it were me, and not being in a rush (I hope you have other weed laying around) - I would just set it on a plate or other solid surface gently (don't wanna lose any of your trichs that may already be at risk during the wet season). Maybe even under a very gentle lamp. How long is it going to take? Until it's dry. Probably a day or two.

    Edit: How big is it? If it's a nice long gram bud or bigger, consider cutting it into a few small pieces with sharp scissors (don't harass the buds). It could only help drying.
  4. You could throw it in your oven for just a few minutes to dry it up a little, I wouldn't recommend doing this if you live with parents. Other than that, set it on a piece of paper and let it dry with a fan by it. Or, you can put it in a container with an orange peel inside also and put that in your fridge and that should help soak up moisture, I'd only do this once it becomes more dry don't do that when its soaking wet.
  5. Have a fan blowing on it and put it under a lamp.
  6. I'm pretty sure putting it in a container with an orange peel is an old method to "rehydrate" your bud. Don't think it would assist much here...
  7. if it was the only bud I had I'd throw that bitch in the microwave .
  8. I read the title of this as "got weed. What to do?" and I came on here to say smoke it...butttttttt that is not what you're asking. Good luck with your wet weed though! :smoke:
  9. I thought the orange peel soaks up moisture, or maybe it was the bud that sucks up the moisture? I forget lol but yea don't do the orange peel thing that isn't needed in this case..
  10. Orange peel moisturizes your bud.

    Put it on a plate and set it on the fridge or other high place (heat rises, remember?). Usually it will be smokable withing 24 hours! A fan speeds things up.

  11. Paper dehydrates, orange peel re-hydrates.
  12. Put it in the oven at a very low temperature (like 125 - 140 degrees) or just let it sit out somewhere. I accidentally dropped my fully packed bowl in water and I took the weed out and let it sit. 3 days later it was completely dry and smoked well
  13. [quote name='"HomeAllDayHwerbz"']if it was the only bud I had I'd throw that bitch in the microwave .[/quote]

    Whatever you do don't do this....or could completely ruin the potency of your bud
  14. Paper and low temp oven.
  15. Just smoke it, the water won't kill you. It will take longer to light but trust me, it's been done before....
  16. I would put it in the oven set to 120 degrees and let it chill for a couple of hours. If you do the gas oven, please put it as close to the top as possible.

  17. Don't listen to this guy.
  18. Put it in a small bowl of plain rice.
  19. I took aluminum foil and made it into a semi-sturdy tray. Laid the bud out on there, and put it on top of a lampshade in the corner. I then took 2 desklamps and hovered them over the bud aswell, and took 2 mirrors and but them over the bud to reflect light onto it. Then I hung up a sheet a few inches away from it to keep all of that light in. Heated it up a bit, and it dried very nicely. Still potent. Smoke on!

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