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WET WEED!!! erggg

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoke4life, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ergggg..... I don't know whats going on down here but my connect seems to keep getting unproperly dried and cured buds! for the past month! They are moist and fluffy, they smell earthy like vegitation, so instead of trying to avoid the problem and dropping my connect (he gets FIRE sometimes so i cant drop him) I want to fix this crap! Does anyone know how to make them loose the earthy plant smell , i bought a half o of this stuff so i want it to be worth while! Thank you!!! by the way even though the bud isnt properly cured do i still get the same amount of THC as i would if i bought a half o that was properly cured? Or is it just a matter of a taste thing?

    P.S. i smoke using the volcano vaporizer so i was wondering, does it even matter that they are still a bit wet (THC-content wise). Do i still get the same amount of THC of properly cured buds? the only thing that bothers me is the earthy plant taste!:smoking:
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    Your getting the same amount of THC in the bud but...
    When you dry weed i think 70-75% of the weight is water(this is right off of the plant).
    So your really getting a half O that when dried fully is probably only 10.5 instead of 14g.
    (Just an estimate, im not sure how wet your bud really is)
  3. Ya.. Your just getting ripped off in weight.. Otherwise the weed will be the same.. It will burn a bit slower too

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