Wet trim with primary leaves gone vs wet primary leaf trim and final after hang trim.

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  1. What do you guys think is best? Leave smaller leaves to trim later or not.
  2. Wet is easier for sure and your buds will look more like what u get at a dispensary but I like to do something in between wet and dry. I cut all fan leaves off and I then will cut back the sugar leaves only about 1/2 way or leave them alone if the are small. I find that this gives me enough to slow down the drying process but also makes it a little easier to trim before going for a cure.

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  3. I agree

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    Wet trimming is for noobs. Remove fan leaves and hang buds for a week with good airflow and about 65* temps.

    Once leaf stems start to snap then it's time to trim the small leaves from the buds.

    Wet trimming fucks up your buds and makes the curing process go too fast. Ultimately you wind up with a substandard product compared to hand trimming dry leaves. You just don't want to wait until they're too dry because then you'll be losing trichomes.

    After buying and selling many hundreds and hundreds of pounds over the years I always laugh at the wet trim guys and tell them to kick rocks. Im not interested. No payday for you.
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