Wet climate strains +REP!!

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  1. Eu there gc users! I am just planning out a fairly large grow up in BC. I am looking for a strain that finishes early and is great for wet weather. Were usually getting 9 inches of rain during the harvest months, so I need a strain that is very mold resistant and resistant to bud rot but still finishes early and I would like a fairly large yield. Kay thanks!
  2. I grew a strain about 4 yrs back that is called super kush that finishes oct 1-5. Didnt mold to much. Only prob with it was didn't produce alot. Only about 1/2 pound per plant. But what it lacked in yield it made up for in quality. It was nice n compact. I have grown prob 20 diff strains since and that was the best quality by far. Indoor pic from the website.

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  3. Maybe swiss cheese or some other mold resistant outdoor strain.
  4. probably need a sativa dominant hybrid. they tend to be mold resistant. and maybe some super skunk. i had good luck with that in florida(heat and humidity). keep us updated on how it goes and good luck:)

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