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Wet buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iSPARK, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I just picked up a half and I think the buds are a bit damp. So what is the correct way to dry them out. I know the hairdryer and stuff, but that takes away from the bud I heard.

  2. maybe spread it all out evenly on paper towel in a dry place with a fan.
  3. leave them on a newspaper for a day or two. If you lamp dry or quick dry the chlorophyll gets trapped in the leaves and such and tastes like asshole..

    you got ripped off... the bud should NEVER be wet. They guy didnt even cure it, so your bud is actually weaker than it should be.

    -not to mention you lose a gram or so when it dries! maybe more!
  4. or you can quick dry

    by putting it in an envelope

    then puttin it on the back of the tv for heat.

    not too long tho.. it mite over dry.
  5. Mason jar. Open the jar every day to let the moisture out. Your bud's ready when the stems snap.
  6. If it wasnt dry when it got weighed, then you didnt get the right amount lol

  7. I'm aware that the bud should never be wet. And curing and drying are totally different processes, just because it wasn't dried fully doesn't mean that it wasn't fully cured. My guess would be that the grower got impatient and took them before they were fully dried.
  8. Ugghhh stop talking to me like I'm a scrub. I know that the weights vary when wet and dry, but that wasn't the question.
  9. Well hello captain obvious :wave:

    I just leave it out in room temp for a few hours, always end up dry for me at least.
  10. Ok I was just wondering why he would buy it when hes getting ripped off?

  11. Chill man, they are just trying to help ya out. Peace.
  12. It was a quick deal, I looked at it, made sure it was a half, gave him the money, and bounced. I didn't sit there and feel the buds.
  13. they're wet? sometimes dealers add crazy fucked shit to their bud for extra weight, especially if they're planning to weigh it out to prove to you it's a legitimate amount

  14. Not to be a dick, but if you looked to make sure it was a half, and you took it, might wanna reconsider eyeing up bags
  15. I would just leave them out for awhile. Drying them really fast would not be a good idea.
  16. I got some white rhino from a personal grower, and I have to say, it was straight up wet. Not dripping but wet, so why was it like this?
  17. #17 S0UR, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Because it wasn't dried correctly..
  18. well, what would your suggested action be?

    It also smelled off, like minty, idk, Im pretty sure white rhino just has a weird smell. But it was definitely wet.

    Btw, same dealer I just asked for seeds, he of course said no, I then asked if he was picking up anytime soon (he told me last night that he was out) and just sent, Chill dude, I will let you know.

    He is acting like im harassing him, but whatever lol its cool.
  19. #19 S0UR, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Mason jar>open it everyday and turn the buds>when stems snap it's dry
  20. DUDE did I ever say it didn't look like a half??? NO if anything it looks like more than a half! He might have gave me a couple extra Gs for it being wet for all I know! I just wanted know how to dry the damn stuff!
    I know how to dry it now though

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