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Wet bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassdude, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I just got an eighth of some wet bud. Still has that grassy hay smell and the stems bend w/o snap. Should i wait until it's dry because it doesn't get me high.
  2. ...:mad::(:confused::eek:
    Wow... I say let it dry and make sure it isn't real hay............:confused:
    That sounds like "drug dealer" collateral to me.
  3. you answered your own question buddy
  4. yeah, you should pop it in the micro for a sho, you kno? like 5 seconds.
  5. dry it out then maybe cure it?
    Weird that it doenst get you high though, when i smoked my fresh bud it still would get me high.
  6. Take it back and tell him not only is he shorting you he's also not even letting you enjoy a nice smoke. Take it back and stand up against shoddy dealers thats the only way we can start getting proper bud back.

  7. This. When weed is wet it's mostly water weight. It'll probably shrink down to about a fifth of the weight that it is now, so unless you got it for really cheap, you probably got ripped off. Also if you don't end up taking it back (which you should definitely do) then at least let it dry for like a week or two, and if you can wait a while, let it cure for like a month.
  8. I'm not able to take it back to the dude so on to the drying process!
    It lost a gram of weight over night. I left the buds out of the bag and its chillin on my desk with the fan on and the stems are already starting to snap now. Maybe i dried it too fast.
    Does it really take a week or two to dry, or is it worth the wait to cure?
  9. The stems should snap in some buds, so don't worry about that one detail.
    Make sure your greens are consumable and aren't "collateral" looking.
    "Collateral" cannabis is weed that has no potency and is only distributed to gain money for the, eh-hem..... hate to say it, dr-hh-ug users to get more money... thus letting them get (this hurts me more than you) d----r-----h-----h-----u-----
    <and a g and then a s>

    This is common in a world where one person looks out for himself/herself and not the person who seeks his/her services, like in Fresno to name a really bad city that knows this all to well.....

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