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Western North Carolina's rendition of a classic - NL#5

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jd4083, May 18, 2010.

  1. This is in my NC bud thread too but honestly, given the amount of western nc folks out here (and appalachian mtns folks in general :wave: ) I think this is worth its own thread...

    This is a locally worked clone-only pheno of NL#5 out of Asheville, NC that's pretty infamous to several circles out here...super potent, bag appeal/flavor/smell are there in abundance and it's a fantastic yielder...

    Thank you to whoever introduced this one to the area...only wish I knew more about the origins...maybe somebody here can chime in? \t\tjzchillin, I'm looking at you :p

  2. damn wish i could score that in the peidmont area:eek:
  3. I went hiking in Asheville over the summer and smelled mad skunk. I wonder if it was as dank as that stuff looks... probably not.
  4. no shit, i'm in Charlotte. I'm sure its around, but I dont know people like I used to.
  5. does the bud from the asheville area end up in charlotte?
  6. Or Greensboro? I never see anything like that
  7. well we get a lot of "good bud" in charlotte but its just rare to see any purple strains....I haven't been to Asheville or Greensboro lately so I dunno about those areas
  8. I know for a fact that there are several people with this cut in the piedmont and coast. chances are somebody near you is growing this, you just gotta meet em :p

  9. yo im bout to move to asheville at end of summer i was wondering were the best place to meet stoners are im going to need a connect lol i dont have problem talking to people i just need to find right ones ;);)

  10. ....yeah, not the person to speak to about that

    here's some of the Exodus Cheese


  11. There's plenty of dank in Greensboro, you just gotta know people. I just got a half oz of super lemon haze two days ago. Some of the dankest bud I've ever had. If I had a cam I would of posted pics.
  12. Looks danky! Nice pickup.
  13. Bro, that's killer

    I just got back from Boone a little bit ago. I love it there.. SO much. I was hoping to score some famous NC dank. But alas, I just had my TN green to smoke.
  14. Greensboro is a great place for dank, I've said it before...there are some sick cuts out there, off the top of my head the Kali Mist, Lavender, and Gooberry are all outstanding and I wish I still had access to em :wave:

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