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Western normie "stoners" are cringe.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by torossia1171, Nov 15, 2022.

  1. I've been smoking and growing weed for 4 years and shrooms for 2 years and soon opium, there are people that smoke weed only occasions and when someone like me who likes my weed and shrooms like flies to dead flesh they get annoyed, these kinds of people are the ones that are normies and have bad taste in media and interests, they're npcs with no actual deep philosophical or sophisticated views on life and morality. If you met me in person and you like weed and shrooms I could talk about it all day, of course I have interests like gaming and anime that isn't shallow snd actually stimulating and pleasant to vibe with, the people I'm talking about are just boring and innocuous and likely force damage their own mental health to conform to society even if it shatters their self respect.

    If you're a weed smoker and shroom consumer why not act or talk like one? Fat people like food and eat like kings, I'm that same way but with weed and shrooms.

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  2. Consumers of substances need not act like morons. Using cannabis is not a free pass to act irresponsibly in public. Gives the rest of us a bad rap.
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  3. Smoke weed, trip on hallucinogenics, play video games and watch cartoons.
    Sadly, I’m sure there are PLENTY of people in this world for you to “ connect “ with:thumbsdown:
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  4. Well, are you one of them? I'm not.
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  5. On an off topic, love your hair (A)brianna! :)
  6. A person ought to do what they want,,, so long as it harms no one else… I am and do a great many things I don’t share with the world at large, and my choice to not always share has nothing to do with being embarrassed of who I am, but very much to do with not wanting to be offensive to others…
  7. Now that's some irony.
  8. I like doing what I want even if it indirectly or unintentional ruins someone's day. Why should I give a shit about random people at the store or mall who don't care to know me or be my friend smelling my dank weed odor?

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  9. I do “give a shit about random people”,,, even those I don’t know and will never know,,, but I can’t come up with any reason YOU should… Just do as pleases you…
  10. Tell what what smelling like in public will do that you're afraid of?

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  11. Got any pics.

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