Western new york grow question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SmokeDankness, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I live in western new york and i so i procrastinated with the growing and shit, but i have someone that will sell me a plant, but im just wondering if its too late for me to start from seeds?
  2. wwwwwwwwwwwwway to late to start from seed
  3. yea man way to late
  4. soooooooo late man maybe next year, a NY frost would kill it in an instant.
  5. well i went to the dudes house today and he fucked all the plants up and the plants he was planning on selling are only like a foot tall would i even get a good amount out of that if i bought it for 50 and the strain is called 'mindboggle' or is it too late for that to even grow too?
  6. if u put it outside now depending on what light cycle he had it on, it MAY start preflowering in about a week. u may have to harvest a little early do to frost tho. but having to harvest reefer a little early is better then no reefer at all. as for it only being a foot if it's healthy u mite get a quarter outta it so don't pay to much or it!
  7. I assume outdoor growing around this area would suck. The weather here is always so crazy.
  8. if u had the patience and space in ur crib u could keep that plant alive in ur house from now till like next June and if u had an awesome spot outside and did't tell any of ur boys about it u could have close to two pounds next year! like I said it would take a lotta time and patience on ur part but next year it would be all worth it!!!!

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