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Westchester NY ?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie203cet, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys noobie bladie here ::curtsy::

    I'm originally from the 203 but I've been in the 914 mostly now so I wanted to see if we have any Westchester people in the city...

  2. 914 represent! I'm from New Rochelle, I'm not in NY at the moment but I will next week.
  3. Sweet

    We are neighbors, I'm in chesterheights, Mount Vernon.
  4. That is sweet, New Rochelle is chill as fuck! Cops don't really bother unless you're out in the moment and also so many smoke spots!
  5. Northern westchester is where its at
  6. Sweeeeeet bro you ever chill by new ro, bronxville, eastchester area?
  7. Lived in granite springs till I was 7 haha. Westchester about 45 minutes from me now.
  8. fuck yea, upstate ny! well, almost upstate
  9. Used to live in Albany an I HATED it I'm much happier in Westchesterr
  10. Shout out to Upstate NY! Albany was really that bad, Idk when I visited Albany the people were very friendly. I hear a lot of hippies live upstate.

  11. Live about 15-20 minutes from alb and we pretty chill up here lol.
  12. Well I wish I would've met you haha. It was near impossible to meet anyone because I was transferred there by work, and being a manager I couldn't chill w my employees. It wasn't just Albany, I know more people in Westchester.

  13. The next time I'm in the area, we should smoke one.

  14. albany has some real shady spots, but doesn't every city? im about 45 min away from albany
  15. Never knew there were so many blades from Albany. Represent!

  16. Always down to smoke with a blade! Lemme know.
  17. I'm about 30 from Albany. There are some sketchy places like Arbor Hill but all in all it's not that bad of a city. Upstate NY represent!
  18. Went from Westchester to Albany, nice

    If anyone is ever in my area, GC blades and bladies are always welcome =)
  19. 914 up in here. Anyone down to spark it?
  20. 914, woot woot ::tokeytoke::

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