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  1. Hey, I'm running through a VPN to post here, of course because I don't want the ISP to log my posts, since apparently all clearnet in america is being logged now, which is pretty dirty if you ask me.

    I read the FAQ about not asking for hookups, that's cool.
    Just want to say hi and ask some questions related to the area.

    I've heard just about everything is here but I haven't personally seen it and I certainly don't want to get jipped, but are mids and highs generally the same rates as other places?

    I would figure it's okay to talk about TOR though so the real question is, anyone know a TOR hidden service that people from the tampabay area may or may not be using? :cool:

    this place is beautiful man, love the color scheme.

  2. Yeah man Tampa is sick im from clearwater but you generally find decent prices.

    Mids: 10$ a g
    Dro: 12-15$ a g
    Dank: 15-20 a g usually 15 though.
    what brings you into tampa?

  3. Nice reply, thanks man, actually I think I'm on your side, the nice side :cool: but more south kinda near Gandy like, not the greatest area I've heard, but to me it's relatively quiet, and people are generally real cool to me. So much better than the burbs of the dreaded midwest. I came down to live with mom, was having some work and family problems back home in the midwest, and she was down here pretty much all alone. She had been down here for years living paycheck to paycheck, racking up a large debt to the creditors, so the timing was pretty good for me to step in and be a good son. She doesn't smoke but doesn't really mind that I do, kind of a out of sight out of mind thing. Sometimes she just knows :smoking: but I'm always fixing the stuff she breaks so it works out. She doesn't nag or pull ultimatums on me so it's a decent living. Actually have been down here for over a year or so, but I don't get out much at all, mostly been right here at the computer messing around inside. Relatively decent with a computer in my hands, just don't have much direction, need to get into something.

    So what's good man, you've lived here for awhile? So many cool places down here man.
  4. Just east of tampa here.

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