West Coast Piano Beat (No Samples)

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  1. Haven't done a West Coast type beat since I first started really getting into beat making so I decided to give it a go:

    MP3 Player SoundClick

    Been doing a huge amount of sample beats lately but this is one of my few recent original composition beats so I'm really interested to hear what people think about this one! Let me know!
  2. sounds very generic,,, some people like that, not me,

    i like classic west coast bounce,

    DONT QUANTIZE your beats, if you just write the midi data in with the mouse then take the snap to grid off and play around with the placement before and after the quantize mark.

    also try sampling the snare from herbie hancock's more bounce, = classic

    youre welcome
  3. I don't use any quantizing or grid snap :(

    but yeah I know what you mean -- and yeah, if you're a fan of the more classic g-funk type west coast this definitely won't fill the void; this is more like a current Ice Cube type beat, but I do agree with you, it is a bit generic

    props for the feed though!

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