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West Coast - Legalization Tracker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ajilejay, May 5, 2010.

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    Initatives: I-73 - Legalization, I-28 - Medical Marijuana
    Required: 82,000
    Target:125,000 (Buffer to allow for invalid signatures)
    Deadline:July 2

    Goes to the polls:November 2
    Official Site: Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA 2010) | Permits personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale
    More Info: Oregon Marijuana Possession Amendment (2010) - Ballotpedia

    Bill:AB 2254
    Signatures- Signatures Submitted and Accepted
    Goes to the polls: November 2
    Official Site:
    California Cannabis Initiative: The Legalize, Regulate and Tax Marijuana Initiative
    More Info: California Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2010) - Ballotpedia

    Target: 320,000
    Collected: 125-140,000
    Confirmed: Around 100,000
    Deadline: July 2
    Goes to polls: November 2
    Official Site: Sensible Washington
    More Info: Washington Legalization of Marijuana, Initiative 1068 (2010) - Ballotpedia

    All current Marijuana Initiatives:

    If you have more info please submit it and post a link to confirm and I will update my post. Anyone else on the west coast want to be added to the tracker please post the information in the same format and I will update. Stay tuned for changes and progression I will update it as time goes on.
  2. Can't forget about AB 2254 here in Cali too, just in case TC2010 doesn't work out.
  3. Pretty sure that number for Oregon is the signatures for I-28 (dispensary's). OCTA for legalization has around 5,000 right now only.

    If you are in Oregon, go to Circulator Petitions | Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA 2010) and request signature sheets to print out. At the very least, make sure your friends and family sign. We can get the signatures, it's just that nobody really knows about it yet and unfortunately there is not a lot of money in this campaign, so people need to actually hit the streets.
  4. Updated with more comprehensive and accurate information. If people can get some more information on other states I will add it. Thank you guys for the additional information.
  5. Hell yeah washington! GO GO GO gonna go sign up
  6. Too bad the deadline for signatures is after hempfest. That would be a great place to get it done.

  7. Yeah definitely. However, Tacoma is having it's first ever Tacoma Hempfest on June 26th which is a little less than a week before our deadline so we'll at least be able to collect signatures there. I don't know how big it'll be but will definitely be a good place to collect signatures at.
  8. You sure they will be there?

  9. Sure who will be there? We have about a handful or so of people set to collect signatures and I'm sure others will on their own time.

    It's at Wright Park: 1st ANNUAL TACOMA HEMPFEST | MySpace
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    Im from the Everett area and Ive already signed the petition. Is it gonna be like Seattle Hempfest where you can smoke in front of cops and they do nothing?
  11. i have a question as a first time voter coming up soon, what info is gonna be on the ballot along with the initiatives? like when people see it on the ballot
  12. Do you reckon Washington will get enough signatures by July 2nd? And is the majority of the state for legalisation? Does it look promising?
  13. This is how it will look in WA if it qualifies for the ballot.

    This measure would remove state civil and criminal penalties for persons eighteen years or older who cultivate, possess, transport, sell, or use marijuana. Restrictions and penalties for persons under eighteen would be retained.

    Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

    If it gets on the ballot I think we are good. Here were the numbers in January 2010

    SurveyUSA News Poll #16194
  14. I'm not really sure about smoking in the open. With this being the first year we'll have to see how it goes, we might want to be a little cautious but I doubt cops will be making any arrests if you're just smoking and not disturbing the peace in any way.

    And for the person who asked about how it looks, I think we're definitely on track to make the ballot. We still need anywhere from 140-170,000 signatures to be safe which will take some work but we can certainly do. Once we get on the ballot our chances look pretty good, but again it will be a challenge of getting people to vote and informing the public. In Washington state 56% support legalization compared to 36% against it (8% undecided). Even if some of those who support it don't support our initiative because of no regulation (which we couldn't of done do to our state's one-issue rule) or whatever, a 20% gap is HUGE in something like this and I only see more people supporting it once it gets on the ballot and people really look into the issue.
  15. I figure that Washington's odds for passing the legislation are higher than California's. Let's just hope that it makes it onto the ballot.
  16. ^ There is Hempfest up in Seattle, the largest marijuana festival in the world. That shows you something about the people up here.

  17. I wish I could join the sensible washington group but I have too much shit to do in school. But why arent you guys going door to door or spending time in at universities or high traffic areas?

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