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Were Your Parents Stoners?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Naved, May 17, 2010.

  1. My parents weren't stoners, and were anti-marijuana , which actually made me more curious about it and eventually doing it,but I watched this one doc. and in one of the scenes it show stoner parents and they ask if the daughter ever did them, she said "no, I tried it but I didn't like it." . Did have any diferent affects on how you feel about herb?
  2. im almost 100% positive my mom was. she grew up in Cali bay area and went to UC Santa Barbra... so im prity sure she probly did a bit more then weed.

    my dad growing up in England im not so sure about. but he did end up going to college for about 8 years to get his degree... so i would bet that he did smoke weed at the very least on occasion.

    both my parents are very liberal so i have almost no doubt that they have at least tried it.
  3. My dad has and my mother still does. I would not call her a stoner though.
  4. M rents were...still are.
  5. If your parent were stoners, growing up do you think you accepted it easier or harder same with if they were Anti-Mari..
  6. My parents would call the police and have me carted off if they new I smoked. Good thing I am very good at being discreet. I think if your parents dont make a big deal about it, the rebelious side of teenagers wont be so interested in trying it. Before I try anything I research it thoroughly, and decide whether or not its worth it. Weed was more than worth it :D
  7. My rents used to smoke. Not sure if they were "stoners" or not, but they were teens of the 70's.
    However, I know for a fact that my uncle blazes 24/7. :smoking:
  8. My dad, 57, still smokes weed while he's here, and while at the family apartment in downtown Amsterdam.
    He's a friend of the owner of the bulldog chain of coffeeshops(I'll assume everyone knows that it's a weed proprietor)
    So yea... when I was younger he once caught me because a friend left a piece on the counter while really high, all he told me was "this needs to be hidden, and you know how your mom gets about these things" then gave me back my piece and my weed.
    Probably not the standard parenting, but he'd never say he actually did until I turned 18, but I knew long before.
  9. I doubt my mom smoked. But my dad has been smoking cigs since he was 17, and probably weed. I KNOW he smokes weed now.

    I wanna convert him to joints from blunts, but he doesnt know I smoke :rolleyes:
  10. my mom was a heavy pothead in her teens than stopped over years, she did shrooms alot also.than met dad and they both rolled constantly in the club scence and acid, they told me everything, why not?they are down ass parents and caught me smoking. they dont care, just advise me to stop because they feel as if they have to. but they know i blaze everyday. they dont because of jobs,trust me i tried convincing.
  11. Lol my mother is extremely anti-MJ so much so that i was sent to rehab when she found out how long I had been toking. My father, on the other hand, smoked once and tripped out so hard that he became anti-MJ:p! Aw well, I enjoy toking anyway and i don't feel more rebelious because they don't like weed. Quite the contrary it become a pain to toke up discretely lol.
  12. mom smokes plenty of herb, as does recently met "dad"
  13. This documentary was How Weed Won the West, and the "stoner parent" was Bret Bogue, multiple Cannabis Cup winner.

    As for the question, my parents are pretty cool with it. My dad used to (and I suspect still does) smoke. and my mom is okay with me smoking even though she doesn't herself. I started thinking my dad smoked when I was around 10, but I didn't try smoking myself until 16. Knowing that my dad smoked didn't really effect me one way or the other, it just made the inevitable situation where your parents find your stash a lot easier to deal with.
  14. I didn't read every post before me because I just smoked, so forgive me if I am being over-redundant with my post.

    First off, my parent were big time stoners and drug users when they were young. However, I grew up in a clean house, and the D.A.R.E. program was going to town on everyone in and around my year. I was totally against weed, tobacco, cocaine, anything used illegitimately according to Ca State law.

    My bro's doctor's prescribed Marijuana as pain relief when I was a sophmore in HS, and I was sorta weirded out. They got a pipe and my Dad bought hash from connects he had. My parents were always cool and seemed open to me, and it was a good environment. They let me decide for myself, and I became open it and even started smoking it rarely after about 6 months. Six years later and here I am. Smoking 3-4 times daily, and fully aware that my parents were crazzy partyers when they were in their prime.

    I really hope that wasn't some random stupid wall of text when I read it in the morning.
  15. Yes - Dad used to grow it in the a little lean-to shed he wouldn't let us in to.
  16. yea both my parents and a shit ton of other family smoked often back in the day
  17. my mom tried weed once cause she said everybody else did it. lol.
    But my dad was a real hippie. Long hair, drove a VW bus, and played acoustic guitar, and toured america/mexico/canada camping out. He has done alot of weed, lsd, and shrooms. :) we have cool conversations.
  18. My parents both blazed well into their 40s....but less than they did during the late 60s and early 70s
  19. Well my dad was much more than a stoner. He did coke, tried heroin, and did weed. But when he learned the dangers of marijuana he quit. Then he had to quit coke about a year later, because he wanted a job.

    My mom said she tried it once, and said it was bad because it made you feel good about life. And we shouldn't be able to have that. She also didn't like it because she had a friend who smoked and he was a failure.

    My dad lost his respect for me because I smoke weed, kind of sad. They say they do not trust me, so I don't really visit them much. I told them when you don't trust someone that means you wouldn't leave them alone in your house, with their money, when you don't trust someone you don't let them in your house without you being beside them. I told them a reason not to trust me would be if I did crack. But weed is just as bad.
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    both of my parents smoked, my dad grew as well.

    they both did all kinds of drugs though: opium, meth, acid, psilo, coke.
    they did a really good job of acting like total born again straight edgers while raising my sister and me, though.

    my mom no longer smokes weed, but she does smoke ~1 pack of cigs/day. she also drinks 5/7 nights of the week, i would say.

    my dad is a recovering alcoholic, who hasn't touched a thing besides liquor and cigs in over 25 years.

    their life lessons, although not directly revealed to me, have definitely shaped my mindset towards drugs.

    addiction is hereditary, and i am an opiate (pharms, not H) addict. :(

    i'll NEVER tweak, i LOVE psychedelics and MDMA, and i'm a proud medical marijuana patient here in CO.

    they both know that i smoke weed, and that i'm an mmj patient. i've vaguely alluded to the fact that i like to expand my mind with psychs and ecstasy, but i don't think i'd talk in depth with them about that. i'll do my best to make sure they NEVER find out that i'm an addict. i feel like they would feel responsible, and i would hate to put that burden on them.

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