Were you mislead in school?

Discussion in 'General' started by hailChickenWing, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering, was everyone here fed the same crap about weed as I was in school? I know for sure that I wasn't given all the facts. I was under the impression that the purpose of school was to educate, not scare kids into thinking that weed will ruin your life. The sad thing is, most of the people I know won't touch the stuff because of what their teachers told them. But then again, if they're that ignorant, maybe they don't deserve to be enlightened!
  2. yup...and during anti-drug week or whatever the fuck they wanted to call it they handed out those red "drug free" ribbons that we proudly wore around school....ahh those were the days

  3. that might be how it sounds but yer right:D.
  4. yup i had D.A.R.E in school, they said the main term for weed on the street was "batman" and "twigs". roflmao
  5. Then I guess a lot of little children on Holloween are potheads.
  6. haha they pass out those big ribbons and make us wear them at school for anti drug week.... and all the stoners (bout 2/3 of my school) wear them proudly as a joke! hehe fun shit!
  7. i hated school. everything about it was a fucking joke if you ask me. especially the propaganda they fed us about the dangers of marijuana. what the hell would a cop ever really know about smoking weed anyway? no one payed attention to that bs.

  8. Yeah, I always wore mine too....sometimes we would erase some of the words (the gold foil rubs off) and write our own messages on it in gold pen...like pro-drug stuff :D
  9. yep, i too was fed those very same lies.

    but i must be thankful in a way for being told such bull. if they hadn't lied about something such as weed, i might never have started down the path of truth and knowledge.

    I still wonder however, if the teachers who actually said the lies to us actually knew the truth, or if they were just as 'sucked in' as we were all suposed to become. ...hmm, i should make that into a poll.

    Hey hailchickenwing... moogleK just told me who ya r ofline... Welcome to the city dude!

    Gateway theory tangent:
    its from those lies we were all told @ school that create the "gateway theory"...
    i smoked some weed and realised that it wasnt even a tenth as bad as was made out in PSD* ("personal social development") classes, so there i stood at a fork in the road of life.. i coulda said, "well hey, if they lied about cannabis they lied about the lot... im going out to find some junk to shove up my veins!" but instead i said "Those fuckers lied to us... im getting my ass online to get the truth."

    *blatant brainwashing and thought structuring now that i look back on it.

    moral of the story...
    No kid of mine (should i ever have any) is ever going to state run education. fuck that.
  10. hehe, yeah. drug "information" you get served in school is a bland mix of propaganda and bullshit. remember kids, school has three functions:

    1) teach you stuff you need to know (read, write, add etc)
    2) kill creativety and spontaniety, instilling good grades as a goal for life.
    3) through indoctrination make you a conformed non-rebellious and non-thinking member of society.
  11. well friggin said zy
  12. we never have been fed that bs. They aren't even going to try... I mean our in school cop was arrested for possietion of THC. Whats that tell you about our school.
  13. everyone has been mislead in school, school has turned into a daily, six hour, brainwashing, anti drug commercial. anyone stupid enough to not learn for themselves is weak minded

  14. Thanks!
  15. thank god for digit, or I (and some mates who i persuaded to try it) might have been taken in by the blatant mis-information. stoner cousins rule :D
  16. d.a.r.e...what a bunch of bs..
    they were more intent on discussing the evils of weed than crack and herion.

    the msg there is, its okay to inject herion, aslong as you dont puff a joint.
  17. I was very mislead in school. And they did spend most of their time on weed than anything else. That is so freakin stupid.

    But, I do have a D.A.R.E pin that I have on my backpack as a joke. Oh, and the guy I buy my weed from has a trophy proclaiming him a graduate of the program in his room. LOL

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