were you bullied in highschool?

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  1. and since then have you seen any of the people that bullied you or w.e ?
  2. Never really bullied , but had to put up with idiots all day every day
  3. Hard to believe but ive never been "bullied" ive been friend to friend fucked with and random stupid shit, but my highschool career was fucking awesome didnt have one problem. But my sister gets bullied so i dont take it lightly and i think its ridiculous. I just cant compare too it, cause ive never been through it. I feel for those who have.
  4. I was bullied in elementry school, it stopped after that though.
  5. In grade 10 there was one asshole who just messed with me for whatever the reason.

    But let's just say I know some pretty dangerous people, and he did to after a phone call.
  6. A few times. Once this douche redneck wouldn't leave me alone everyday when I was in the library. The end of the week he was fucking with my backpack so I stood up and told him "Fuck off faggot shouldn't you be at home jerking it to johnny cash?". He punched me in the eye and ran away. I just sat back down and crossed my arms like a boss, till I was forced to go to the nurses. Then they made me go to the ER to see if I broke anything. I got to get out of a few days of finals and the guy got expelled(the kind of guy that was always getting into random fights). Everyone praised me for it because I was a mute kid so me actually standing up for myself like that and not getting physical back got me tons of respect from most of my class.
  7. i asked cuz i got bullied a throughout school lol physically and emotionally.. i knew how to fight but they would always gang up on me...i saw a couple of them recently and i know in a one on one id destroy someone but their lives suck they are still in the ghetto while im enrolling in college next year so its w.e i guess i won in the long run
  8. Yeah rich spoiled kids all the time since I moved there from the hood I didn't wear all that polo golf $150 tees and shit. They stopped after I started selling weed to them LOL.

  9. ...this...-begins slow clap-
  10. Can't tell if serious... or...

    Anyway, no. Never really bullied. Of course there's that shit that everyone deals with at one point or another though. Like I used to have this little rivalry kinda with this kid. He was bigger than me but I would always aim for his head in dodge ball and he would aim for mine and shit like that. At one point we were playing volleyball and I punted it under the net and directly into his face and he was trying to fight me and shit xD good times. At the time I was a little scared not gonna lie cause he was a big dude with a lot of friends but I just luled at him. I didn't hit him on purpose but I didn't really regret it either

    But it's weird cause at the end of the year on my senior year we were in "in school suspension" together and we became friends lol.
  11. I used to be bullied in elementary by two guys. One time I was going to gymnastics and they snuck up on me and one held me and the other punched me in the stomach. So I let him have his fun and as soon as I was let go I jumped on him and bit his ear lololol he never touched me again. I was crazy but I had had enough at that point.
  12. I wasn't really bullied.
    I got into some scraps ,but I stayed to myself mostly.
    If I didn't know anyone in class I just finished my work and went to sleep.

  13. They hit a girl in the stomach, wtf?

  14. LOL mike tyson
  15. [quote name='"Blaze"']

    They hit a girl in the stomach, wtf?[/quote]

    yeah. which is why I had to make it known I meant business lol.

  16. Lol. I once kicked a basketball really hard during gym and it smacked PE teacher right in the face.
  17. [quote name='"tihanachu"']

    yeah. which is why I had to make it known I meant business lol.[/quote]

    Dude if a guy hit a girl at my old high school he would probably leave that day with just enough blood in his body to survive,if that.
    You can bash this shit hole we call Texas all you want,but a man hitting a women here is like an automatic death sentence.
  18. Dude I was a fucking boss in highschool.
  19. Only in elementry... sort of... One of two of the "big shit" wanna be gang banger kids actually hit me in the eye. After I got hit, my eye began to swell as the little fucker started saying he was sorry and didnt mean to do it... I walked calmly to the restroom and cleaned my eye and he was still there. I choked him out in the restroom and kicked him in the stomach. No one told on me. :')
    That was in 1st grade, I moved schools by the 4th and became sorta of a bully towards the bigger kids... I stopped being a dominant self protective little shit by 7th grade though...
    Memories... ha
  20. Yeah, 5th grade till probably my junior year. In high school they just realized I stopped giving a fuck what they had to say and wouldn't take their shit anymore. haha

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