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Were We Told the Truth about World War Two?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cosmored, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. this is totally true. me being native american i know this for a fact. so many of the stories you read about the native people are false and have been taken out of context.

    i wish my great grandma was still alive, she lived to be 101 and had alot of great stories and could easily point out incorrect facts in my high schools history book.

    the whites back then weren't to popular with native americans, back then it was so easy to change the truth. just write it down and it's true to all people who read it pretty much.
    this also applies to many other races in different parts of the world.

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  2. Here's an online book I just found.
    If the link doesn't work, do a Google search on...
    David Irving
    and The War Path
  3. Here's the other video from post #99 that went off-line.
    \tThe True History of Hitler, WW2 and Jewish Supremacy: Revolt of the Plebshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrtHVdXpc0
    If it goes off-line again, do a YouTube, or Google search on the title.
  4. Yes, i don't really care if i wasn't though
  5. Ugh. WWII has so much information surrounding it that I don't have the patience to look through it and devise a conclusion.
    I'm more concerned about the present.
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  6. Consider that the victorious side is usually the one who writes the history books

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  7. Excellent Documentary; I'm not sure if you're still around, but most excellent recommendation. Thank You.
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  8. Also depends on many categories.. Nazis did a lot of Antarctic ufo stuff.. Also I've heard many levels of Holocaust facts technically refuted to where the whole plot line that history classes takes traditionally isn't really hitting the mark at all so... Id say people under play the American imperial element that existed even then.. Just more disguised as patriotism back then
  9. There isn't direct evidence that the Nazis did any UFO stuff in Antarctica, but there are reasons to entertain that possibility.

    1. We do not know for sure where the Nazi Bell went (likely South America and not Antarctica, for a few reasons) or if there were any successor technologies that resulted from the Bell research

    2. The U.S. did launch a military expedition to Antarctica that was supposed to last 6-8months and high tailed it back after about 1.5 months, and we have a statement from Admiral Byrd that there are craft capable of travelling from pole to pole and tremendous speed.

    3. The earliest reports of UFO contact said that the occupants appeared to be Nazi

    4. The Nazis had a technology that was 'war decisive' and classified higher than their atom bomb project

    So we can speculate but I dont think that there is a strong case to be made at this point.

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  10. Oh boy - more Nazi stuff...

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  11. Well nazis in general are fascinating because the storybook version of evil bad guy doesn't really tell the story of that political movement.. At all and the only depiction most people say towards the issue.. And discount Byrd's operation deep freeze or high jump,., cant remember but it was a fleet of aircraft carriers.. Ships ..planes.. Thousands of infantry... And in the end it culminates to an interview with Byrd on a tv talk show in like the late 50s or 60s where he clearly says there is way more land and resources than anybody is aware of ..basically he is saying there exists so much land in these areas lush with resources and its not touched.. Now in the conspiratorial / speculative side of history this is a large part of the tiny bits of public domain info used to support a few different earth cosmology differences from the consensus.. A lot of flat earth and hollow earth proponents point to this basically saying OK why did hitler secretly move and reallocate a large amount of resources to the Antarctic while the war front was waging.. A very telling move in chess.. Thats an obvious interest in something that they were willing to sacrifice the war entirely to hide... And basically did just that down to hitler basically disappearing.. With one account to rely on of his alleged suicide which is challenged with unrelated unbiased facts but still laughed at ...to some analysts there is obviously way more at the poles than ice.. Barber poles for selfies and penguins.. No country's military no matter how insane would do what Germany did during 30s and 40s unless it was something extremely important.. Now what it was exactly who knows..cause no government would ever acknowledge any of that..? Lol bout as much as they'll call a very obvious ufo witnessed by whole neighborhood or town as swamp gas... I think the basic plot was that they found a race of beings or old human civilization tech remains ... Predeluvian or pre flood basically under ice that humans may have once used as modern people would have used a car or helicopter .. I think it just points to humans being advanced beyond what we are now in some disciplines.. Except thousands of years before the world flood deluge or up that moment perhaps . But again who the hell knows just spit balling lol because who will find a single automobile if a worldwide flood event happens as some ice cores have suggested could have occurred on a time scale of days to weeks at most... So that to me says either it was a massive weapon of war or my guess that nature has a more violent cycle that people cant understand because of how long of a scale of years it exists on.. Again its coffee talk worthy of a good podcast interview but you have to cast your biases out before you venture into the entirety of the subject cause it gets very in depth very quickly.. Rant over lol
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  12. Almost everything we were taught as children was a lie. The Holocaust is a lie. People died, Jews died, infact Hitler didn't like Jews at all. But the official story is not true.

    Watch this documentary for a proper education on the subject:

  13. They'll never learn.

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  14. We’re never told the truth by government or the media. We’re taught one thing in school and believe it for the rest of our lives.
    The internet and books have the truth if u dig deep enough.
  15. I'm not watching 6 hours of that crap. This isn't a documentary. It's one sides opinion. And while I dont think the vast majority of people know why and what happened in WW2, it does not excuse his behavior towards millions of people he and his followers deemed undesirable. His upbringing and congeniality isn't justification of the torture and abuse that went on.

    We all make choices in life, some good and some bad, and some worse than others, but to lie to ourselves and others about the motivations behind those choices does no one any justice on either side.
  16. And I know all about WW2. My grandfather actually entered his first concentration camp at the age of 16. He spent the next 4 years doing what he could to survive. He use to joke when people asked him about it, that he was thankful for the 4 years free room and board.

    In seriousness it shaped the person he would become and for that he was truly grateful. He wasnt bitter either. The hatred for Jews in Poland started before anyone really knew who Hitler was. Hitler just said the right words and promised the right stuff to move a enough people to commit genocide. That's pretty fucked up when you think about it.
  17. They seem to have had problems everywhere they have gone throughout history. Very strange.
  18. What did the Jews do to deserve their persecution? They always get it tight. Must be something dodgy about them that's kept quiet. They're always just asume to be the victims but surely they've done something to encourage the countless slaughters they've went through over the years?
    Or are they just genuinely that unlucky lol

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