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Were to put extra fan

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Seymour, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. My temps are too high with my 600w hps with cool tube and 4" fan so I've bought a bathroom fan to help

    So should I have this blowing air into my cool tube

    Into my growdrobe

    Or use this as my out take and seal of the cool tube so it's pulling air from outside the grow and venting it else where

    Bit off a head scratcher- I'm thinking the first option because involves cutting less holes but if I need to I will

    Has anyone any opinions on this
  2. Both are good. I would pull in outside air to cool the tube though it is a lot easier to cool it than with the inside air that's hot already but just my opinion.
  3. What are the dimensions of your wardrobe? Most of them are around 20" x 30", and if that's the case, you probably just have too much light in that tiny area. 250w would have sufficed, even 400w would be difficult to keep cool. Radiant heat cannot be exhausted.

    Everything depends on the CFM rating of that bathroom fan. If it's too low, it's going to actually slow down your airflow and limit what your 4" fan can do.

    I say rig that fan up somehow to vent your cool tube from outside, and then vent the cab separately with the 4" fan and scrubber.
  4. I'd see to measuring the ceiling fan and getting a higher CFM fan, possibly even bigger if the hole can handle it.

    Also, invest in higher CFM blowing within the wardrobe. Rather than blowing higher CFM fans directly on the plant, try blowing it to them indirectly, such as off a surface/wall.
  5. I have a 400 watt in my wardrobe and it cools perfect. Sits between 72-75 all day.
  6. I think I agree- so one want for venting and one fan for cooling the cool tube- sounds good

    I have a 5" fan that is excellent but it's just too load to use which is a really shame because the power use would be less but hey ho.

    My wardrobe is 2.5 x 4 x 7ft high so it's not a massive space- maybe 600w is overkill for four plants on that space!

    Thanks for the responses- just wanted some advice before I drill more holes lol!!!

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