were to download free music

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  1. well i have gone to college and the way they have the internet here i cant use limewire so what website sould i use to get my music
  2. IIm in the same boat as you man. Just gonnna have to use youtube and make a list of what to download for when Im home again. It sucks because I buy music when I can but im kinda poor and I love looking up new music so these past 2 weeks Ive been in school have been hard. But we'll make it through lol
  3. warez-bb.org

    or thepiratebay.org
  4. You can always just record it directly off of youtube. Look for a program called Audacity, it's free. Just open it, set it for "What You Hear," and start a song on youtube. Hit record on Audacity, and hit stop when the song is over. Viola. File--> Export as MP3, and there you go.

    It may ask for a codec, some lame.dll or something. Just Google it, you can download it anywhere.

    Plus, then you can crossfade, temper songs, crop shit out, professional level editting using Audacity. Cut bits of songs out (say, if there's a shitty guitar solo in an otherwise great song), do whatever. Record radio shows, or turn podcasts into MP3s.
  5. Frostwire, or just download them off Youtube.
  6. ^thats the same as limewire

    if u like hiphop use datpiff.com

    or i can PM you a link to a different forum (dont think theyd like it if i post it here)
  7. Depends.

    If you're looking for specific songs, you're better off grabbing them from youtube and other sites that stream music (pandora, last.fm, etc.).

    If you're grabbing albums, learn to torrent, or search sites like megaupload and rapidshare. There are tons of blogs dedicated to providing free music through these sites (though you might occasionally have to utilize passwords).

    But remember to support the artists.

    Buy it if you can afford it.
  8. Also, blogs blogs blogs. I've found like 50 blogs dedicated to different types of music, and each one has atleast 500 albums up for download, for free.
  9. If you're interested in collecting a large and I mean LARGE library really quickly I would recommend learning how to use BitTorrent. The client I use is called UTorrent, but it really doesn't matter which kind of client you use. Using BitTorrent to find music has always worked really well for me and I've never had trouble finding music that I wanted.

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