Were to buy grow box??

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  1. I was going to make my own but i figured it would be easier to get a premade one. One less thing to worry about. Were would you guys reccomend i buy one of these at?
  2. what's your budget?
  3. im not really sure what my budget is yet. I know their not cheap but i think it will be smarter to buy a box from someone who knows what they are doing then build one myself and screw up my grow
  4. Try here for some budget ones and then here for more expensive ones. Good luck!
  5. BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! much better. Dude you are going to need to spend soooooooooo much money for the rest of the equiptment to fill that grow box, try to find somthing you already have thats a good size or build a ply wood box that opens from the front, line it with mylar, put some fans and a light in there and your ready to go. hope this helps, pm me if you have any questions on building a box. peace.
  6. I think i kow how to build one but their methods are known to work arent they?
  7. there are a lot of places online selling grow boxes for a shit ton of money and ripping people off. Sunlight sheds and growcloset are deffinitely rip offs. they tend to get the most traffic and jack prices way up. Look around in the cracks and you will find the same setups for around half the price. I searched around for 2 weeks before i bought mine for 1200 from pcgrowbox.com. I yielded 4 ounces from afghani in the pics. two plants and it already paid for itself. Its best to build your own because you will save money, but if u dont have tools its better to buy.

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  8. I personally just went through this delema about 8 months ago. I am definetly happy i bought my own because first of all i didn't want to waist my time LEARNING & Building a grow box because i have NO experience with handywork. And reason number 2 it is the easiest thing ever once you get dialed in. Make sure you give the place where you buy it a call and ask for a discount or promotion due to the high price they should give you something FREE.
  9. 1200 dollars are you kidding me ? You gotta be a spammer.
  10. Yes, i paid 1200 for my grow box with a 240w LED grow light. Some kids like myself dont have a garage full of daddy's tools to use, so buying one is our cheapest option. Here is my 4th grow with this box. This time I yielded a quarter pound dried weight off of one plant in a 5 gallon bucket.

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  12. If you are very handy, have all the right tools, and plenty of patience, building your own will definitely be cheaper than many pre built units. Do some research, for there are many companies out there that have some top quality, affordable units. Also, when comparing units, make sure to add on shipping, which can be as much as 300-400 extra dollars for many units! Check out my signature for a truly affordable, STEALTH option!

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