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We're They Holding Out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jizzledfreq, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. So for this New Years Eve I wanted to purchase a dub (for most people commonly known as a $20 sack, a gram or so.). I live in Montana if you need to know. I asked my Gf's parents for a dub. First her mom, and she was like, "A What?!" I had to retort, "a 20 sack" to which she replied, "All I have access to are roaches," Ask "x" he'll be back around 5 or so. I came back at 7 and asked "x " for a "20 sack". He said he was fresh out. They proceeded to roll a joint and a few days before they literally said, "we got so much if some was stolen we would never know."

    I get a feeling that they were holding out for whatever reasons, we are on good terms. How do you feel blades w/ the info given?
  2. Wait, what?
  3. Dude, having an oz is a lot to some people. They might have legit sold it all or something. Or smoked it.. haha
  4. yeah most people keep their head bag, and if they sold there deff not going to sell there last bag of bud, especially on new years. They probably just had enough for themselves, no reason to be mad.. just get yourself another dealer incase they're dry again
  5. They probably just dont like you

  6. Well they don't sell to anybody, and they know a recent widow who's husband grew marijuana as a care taker, so I'm sure they have plenty :/
  7. So cut out the middle man and go hit up that widow.
  8. It sounds like they have plenty of "personal" but none to actually sell. It happens man..
  9. I'd like to bump this thread and see if anybody else has any feedback.

    Well they know a grower who happens to be their best friend, a $20 is all but a nug. I'm sure they can spare a nug. I don't even ask them often, once in a blue moon.
  10. Sounds like the skimped ya to me.

    brb bragging about how much weed i have and can't spare a g that someone wants to BUY
  11. You really don't know why the do not want to sell to you? Wow ok, let me explain. THEY'RE YOUR GIRLFRIENDS PARENTS. They are probably afraid that when you two break up you'll rat them out. (By the way if your under 18 than thats another reason)
  12. Maybe they didn't have any at the time so you leave, the guy comes home with fresh bud and then sells its before you get back. Its plausable!
  13. Worst apostrophe ever.

  14. Well I'm 23, and I've been with my girl for like 2 1/2 years and they trust me. They know I smoke weed, I know they smoke weed (a lot of weed), they know a grower, and plenty other people who smoke weed and a week before they literally told me, "We have so much weed if anybody stole some we'd never know".

    Oh wow, didn't notice that till just now. :laughing:
  15. If they know a grower and you've been their daughters bf for 2.5 years, you should get hooked up for 20, just my opinion. But go hit up that grower like others have said.;):smoking:

  16. They won't introduce me. We live in a medicinal state, and it seems like the growers are extremely hesitant to meet new customers. From my observations, unless you've known them your whole life, they don't want to know you.

    They should be hooking me up, especially if they get it for free from a grower, and "Have so much that if any was stolen, they'd never know"

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