Were Shaggy and Scooby Doo really stoners?

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  1. Let me know what you think here people. I think that yes marijuana was the reason why these two were always wanting to eat and laughing histerically, not to mention the paranoia with all the ghosts and whatnot.

    Whats your side of the Shaggy and Scooby Stoner Story?
  2. What do you think they used the van for when they weren't solving mysteries?
  3. Hell yeah they were. Didnt you ever see that harvey birdman?

  4. Yes actually I have. I have every episode ever made. Thats also a great show!:D
  5. how about Jay & Silent Bob: Strike Back

  6. Great Movie!:D
  7. We went a lil off track here. Scooby and Shaggy were definately stoners dude. Always laughing. always eating (munchies) always paranoid, always scared and shit of monstas. i dont know man. it looks like they had some goooood shiz in that cartoon though
  8. I hate scoobie doo.
  9. Oh mi god.
    I used to love watching Scooby Doo, and just thinking, how fucking high are they!?
  10. I fuckin love scooby doo man! And that line in Jay & Silent Bob strike back is a classic "doobie snacks!" (holds up bag of weed)
  11. lmao that was hilarious. love that movie.
  12. Def. stoners. It's funny because it never really hit me until one night I was flicking and saw some scooby. I left it on for a second and I was giggling at Scoob and Shaggy and they kept laughing and wanting to eat and it HIT ME OMFG THEY'RE STONERS. Since I was high it was quite the enightening experience.

    I wonder why it's never talked about in the media. Oh.. nvmd, I know why it's not talked about in the media. Because weed is BAD!
  13. Definitely, they even get the munchies haha!! and they are afraid of everything.. reminds me kids who get paranoid
  14. anyone ever notice the smoke comming out the back of the van when theyr driving , evan off of dirt roads . :ey:
  15. I have noticed it once in an episode where the van broke down. Shaggy and scooby were in the back of the van waving the smoke out of their face.
  16. Also:
    Scooby Snacks= LSD
    No shit, fellas... why do you think they kept seeing gouls and what-not?
    They were all trippin' balls.
    I saw it on the history channel and shit.
  17. i think you might have eatent to many "scooby snacks" if you saw that shit on the history chanel. do you remember what it was was it called?
  18. Sure shaggys girlfriend was called mary jane!:eek::D
  19. oh, yeah. i haven't really realized it until lately. anyone ever see the scoobie doo movie? LoL, i saw like a quarter of it before i turned it off and turned on some porn. Anyway, point being, there was this scene, right?

    they were all getting out of this limo to a grand opening of a museum which contains all the 'monster' costumes of people they have captured, behind glass. they were getting out and, you know, everyone had their groupies and shit. shaggy's fans were obviously a group of fellas under the influence of THC, it was made very obvious.
  20. carton, acid trip... same difference.

    I bet Scooby Doo wasn't even real it was just an interpretation of Shaggy's effed up mindset.

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