Were my seeds seized?

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  1. image.png So last time I ordered from herbies wasn't a great experience as far as stealth goes but it did come quickly. I ordered again and chose the super stealth method and I'm hoping that my seeds weren't siezed because they have been at the ISC New York location for a while and now they have been in Jamaica ny which is jfk airport I think for a while.
  2. Chances are someone forgot to scan it, I bet it shows up. You would still get an empty package even if they took the seeds, which rarely happens.
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  3. That would actualy make sense man you might be right.
  4. Another day has gone by and no update. I am wondering if I should call because my state is not far from New York or could that end up screwing me over.
  5. I wouldn't call yet, just be patient. My seeds came thru NY, sat at the facility for 3 days before going into customs where they sat for another 4 days and they arrived no problem.
    I've had other international orders (gems) come thru NY and never got an update once it arrived in the states. The package just showed up in my mailbox like 2 weeks later.
  6. Alright man thanks
  7. Probably just a missed scan buddy. Don't stress it yet

  8. Yeah it's just my other order came through no problem but the package was ripped open with no green tape. I think it was just ripped from handling. When they do seize they don't like come to your house looking for plants do they? I didn't ship it to where I live anyway but I was just wondering.
  9. In 2012 I had 3 shipments grabbed by Chicago customs. They went hard for a while which turned me away from Dutch companies. Each time I just got green tape and no beans. Then attitude would just send them in a plain envelope with no stealth and they'd come right through. I got the smiley faces on my packages. Who ever that was, was a real prick. They never do anything about it. Since they never were in your possession, you never broke the law. Also they don't have the time or the care to deal with seeds. Now if you bought 1000's and got snagged, maybe you'd have a different outcome. Don't sweat it! The Jamaica port is the best in the US. My bro never had issues and before they started routing to Chicago, I never had a problem. Dozens of orders
  10. It was only one seed lol but I know they give u like 5 free ones.
  11. Just use a USAbased seed bank. Screw the green tape
  12. Yeah us banks are so expensive tho. The order actually updated to white plains ny so I'm hoping they will be coming tomorrow!
  13. I ordered from them it sat at the facility for a week and a half it takes them a long time

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  14. Last time I ordered seeds tracking said it sat in LA for about a week then the next day it was delivered ...

    Go figure

    You can't trust tracking to much. I have things say there delivered and they are not and things delivered that tracking says it's still shipping
  15. I'm of the opposite opinion. I used to pay 100-150 a 10pack through SOS and Attitude. I pay roughly 75-95 per pack now. And the seeds are a lot fresher than the stuff I've gotten over seas. I've talked to a few breeders and you'd shit if you knew how long some of those beans sit at some of the large seed banks. I noticed immediately when I had bought my very first back from a breeder personally, then I started ordering from US seed banks and found the quality to be the same. Mainly and better term rates and vigor. Certainly don't stop buying from somewhere were you enjoyed buying from, but I would certainly recommend anyone to shop locally and not have all the worry and hoops to jump through to get your seeds
  16. Mine sat there for over 10 days before finally arriving.

    You'll get em, be patient.

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  17. I really despise auto correct on these phones....:hookah:
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  18. Are there any US seed banks you'd personally recommend?
  19. Greenline Organic, The Dank Team, Great Lakes Genetics, and Seed Vault of California are top notch and I've done business with and will again. There is also Headie Gardens, Sour Patch, James Bean Co, and Seedsherenow which are also companies I wouldn't hesitate doing business with either

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