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were beavis and butthead stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. apparently commedy central has acquired syndicated episodes of b&b which used to be on mtv. so i'm watching this show right now and they act like stereotypical stoners. even though they didn't incorporate weed smoking into the show, do you think they were meant to be portrayed as stoners?
  2. definately, laughin all the time, always wanting to eat nachos and other junk shit and doing studpid shit (not saying thats what stoners are just a stupid stereotype)
  3. i think they were just retarded...

    i personally hate that "stupid stoner" persona... all it does is hurt our image and is why smoking is not socially acceptable...
  4. i think they were too dumb to figure out how to work a bong. lmao.

  5. Oh the glory days of generation x.
  6. haha i dont even think they could get weed, they couldnt get beer ever either haha i think they were just fuckin dumb, and funny as hell to boot
  7. I Think they were Stoner Retards..
  8. i just saw that on comedy central too and there was 1 weed related thing in it..

    when beavis was flippin out he walked up to some other kids and one of them went "is he on dope?"
  9. the image of beavis and butthead trying to figure out how to use a bong is very amusing to me.
  10. No, they were just crack addicted babies, either that or their parents were.
  11. b and b def were not stoners. theyre just ultra stupid. but that shows on comedy central now? kik ass
  12. Are you threatening me... ARE YOU THREATINGING ME? They definitely could be stoners, but they are foremost idiots. Stupid white trash is my best guess. The movie is the funniest in my opinion.
  13. Of course they were stoners.in the last episode of one of the seasons it shows them huffin paint or some chemical i cant remember.
  14. There was an episode that refered to beavis and butthead being high.

    It was during one of the music video segments of their show. I cannot remember what video it was.

    Great show.
  15. They were origionally meant to be stoners but they couldnt really have them smoking and stuff on tv back then. So instead of having the show not be aired they were made stupid and it was kinda impied that they smoked, although they never show it.

    Mike Judge said this in an interview so its true. It does make sense, i mean their hobbys are sitting on a couch watching tv, eating nachos, and being dumb....sounds like my life and i smoke. lol
  16. they had no friends.. no job.. no money.. how would they get weed? hell beavis couldnt ever get a lighter to work. remember the episode where they drank non alcoholic beer? yeah i think they are too stupid to smoke weed
  17. They were just naturally high man

  18. I remember way back when it was first on there was a reference to weed in one episode, but like you said, couldn't really get away with it back then. It was during the whole controversy that followed the show when it first came on. All I can remember about it was some guy fell down some stairs and knocked himself out, and Butthead mentioned checking his pockets for money so they could score some weed. Haven't seen it since on the same episode though.

    Edit: I only remember this because my mom used it as her excuse to not let me and my sister watch it (I was like, 11 or 12 at the time).
  19. Wasn't there an episode where there was a mention of smoking nutmeg or they actually did smoke nutmeg? I vaguely remember that.
  20. Im pretty sure that Butthead smokes alot of pot

    Beavis smokes meth though, most definately

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