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We're ALIVE!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by MrsDingusus, May 25, 2003.

  1. Hey y'all, so sorry for the lack of Dingusus influence here in the city. We finally got moved, settled and a phone....WOOO HOOOO!

    So, hope ya missed us, we'll be around!

    Special thanks to Bud Head, Vatoloco, MSMJ and most especially The Hempress for coming so far to see us!!!
  2. hey good to see you's back.......look forward to seeing you's around the city again..........Peace out........Sid
  3. Good to see you are getting settled in.. I hope all is going well down south!

    Hows the little dingus? Is he walking yet?

    Keep us up to date on whats happening!

  4. Hey Bud, I have about a million digital pics to send you!
    The Baby D is walking holding onto things, but not on his own yet...he just turned 9 months last week.

    How's Samantha???? Give that cutie a kiss for me!

    We'll talk a lot more as we get settled back into the city.

    Thanks to everyone for the speedy welcome back.....I knew there was a reason I loved this place so much ;)
  5. BTW it's great to see ya'll back at the city!!
  6. Fuckin awesome, I've been wondering about you guys, I was worried you wouldn't come back :(

    welcome back
  7. HIGH All, yes it is...hope you find your new home warm, comfortable and relaxing. Welcome Back!!!
  8. church just hasnt been the same!

  9. This is just like a second home for us...we may wander....but we will always wander back!

  10. it's 90 in the shade...talk about warm!! :p

    We got an apartment for now, but it's spacious and air conditioned so I can't complain!

    It's awesome to be back where we came from, we've been welcomed by friends and family and are really doing great.

    And now that we are all settled in it's time for us to terrorize....I mean....visit the city again B)
  11. Well, it's about fucking time!!!!!

    I'm glad you and DirtyD are doing well and are settled in. We missed you guys!!!!!
  13. welcome back... was missin ya's :D

  14. yep, we're in Florida, land of the scorched....

    I know I know, I been slackin on bizkit duty.....didn't ya'll find the Easy Bake Oven and ready to bake biskits in the freezer???

    Geez....y'all are so busy with the back pew no one checked out the kitchen......!!
  15. Thanks for the warm and fuzzies y'all.....

    Mr D is at a bachelor party today, but I am sure he will catch up in the coming days!

    So what'd we miss, anythin good??

  16. Ive been getting laid. thats pretty good :D :p
  17. Holy shit ! We're honored!! That's a whole lot of smilies!

  18. WOO HOO! Sensi's gettin some nookie! It's about damn time! :p
  19. glad you guys are ok. Welcome back! Have missed you.

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