went to wisconsin just for drugs!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Samus, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. hey, alright i live a little bit west of minneapolis, maybe like 10 minutes. well, yesterday, the dead and bob dylan were playin in wisconsin. so me and my friend didnt have tickets, but we decided to go and do the whole parking lot scene. i couldnt believe it, but there was no lsd to be found. we looked for about 5 hours, askin people if they had any doses, but nobody would say they did. finally we found some mushroom chocolates, which well take tomorrow, but still. no acid :(

    anyways i just thought i would share my Real Life Story.
  2. . . . mushroom chocolates? wat r they
  3. you take shrooms and grind them up into a fine powder, melt some chocolate, mix in the powder, and cook the chocolate again.. or something. i dont know the last step. all i know is that you get all the shroomy goodness and it tastes like chocolatey goodness. :)
  4. Hey, I live in Mpls, and I've encountered the exact shroom chocolates you speak of! I hear they're not that bad (I have yet to try them).
  5. cool dude.. ill let you all know how good they were tomorrow (eating them tonight)
  6. I live half an hour from the wisconsin/illinois border and those chocolates make their way down here every summer, good stuff, I usually don't take such things unless I know someone else who took them however
  7. in case anyone was wondering, they were real.. and good :)
  8. wisconsin is kinda paraniod bout drugs other than pot...i no..i live here....tooo dam hard to find other fun stuff.well good luck with that
  9. I live in wisconsin, North of Platteville and I can get Choc Shrooms easily from Richland Center for 30 an eigth. Well worth it to me :)

  10. I live in Madison, and I just got a half oz of shrooms for free. You just gotta know where to look in WI. If you live in bumble fuck where there's only 1000 people, yeah, you won't find anything other than pot.
  11. That used to be my main problem, in Wisconsin I live in a small town of 600 people. So I had to expand my reaches to further places. Now I've gotten up about mid-rung on the ladder of weed and acid so I can get fronted whenever I need it.

  12. i have a summer home up in Red Granite WI .. by Nordic mt

    uncle owns Nordic Mt
  13. i'm on the eastside of milwaukee and it's kind of hard to find much but weed and yay
  14. i saw the dylan and the dead in like 1989. im pretty sure u could have gotten all the LSD u wanted back then. it was like they year or so after touch of grey came out and Alpine Valley was hopin place.

    by the way...WISCONSIN ROCKS!
  15. uh, wi > u all ? :p
  16. smaus you so lucky i wisdh htat the dead and dylan would come through my area yep hmhm np[e fine.

  17. yea lol, i know someone here. tho im not really into shrooms.

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