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Went to the 1st day of school high and...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InfinitelyHigh, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. It was amazing!

    Yes, im 18 years old by the way, im in my senior year.. and like.. it was just so much easier to be social and idk man weed is just great.. if you havent been to school high.. try it! I think im going to make it a daily thing as long as i can make good grades with it.
  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Why do you think they call it "High" school? ;)
  4. thanks, if you wish to read it again your welcome to do so :)
  5. stay high. All day every day
  6. This thread is stupid. I can't wait for all of the high school people to bail when their school work overwhelms them.
  7. Going to school high can be good or bad completely depending on the person, just dont get to the point where you sit in class and do nothing or skip class to go get high. If you go everyday to all your classes and do your work it should be no problem. Myself i found it esier to concentrate and do my work when i was stoned. My first 2 years of highschool consisted of getting really stoned amd barely ever going to school, failing classes and just barely making it by. Last 2 years went to everyclass everyday fuckin ripped did my work and walked away with 80's and 90's in every class witch was really easy to get. Most of the time to if your stoned but if your actually doing good and doing your work the teachers wont say anything about you being stoned, atleast thats how it was for me i went everyday probly reaking of pot and never had a work said to me, actually won a turnaround award for goin from bad to good
  8. Damn you start school early. I have like 2 weeks left
  9. haha the first day of my senior year.. Was the second day i had my new Zong :p

    Got SOOO bongloaded..

    The entire first 3 weeks were just wake n bake Zong Loads and Zong Loads for Lunch, if i was feeling a need to not go to sixth then i had some more Zong Loads followed by Zong Loads with all my friends who DIDNT skip sixth, and generally ended with Zong Loads before bed... I Miss ma Zong :( RIP
  10. I smoked pretty much everyday my senior year and so did most of my crew. We played varsity sports, teachers loved us, participated in class, pulled good grades and most of us went on to college and all are "successful" now. One of my friends ended up getting into Harvard. You can do it...just don't let it control you, or slow you down.

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