went to taco bell just for a Baja blast...

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  1. So on watching drive thru pranks (with the Indian guy) and got the taco bell urge, specifically for a Baja blast. So I order an extra large Baja blast, no ice, 5 layer, and a volcano taco: the same order every time I hit up taco bell. I get out of the lot and take a sip......WATERED THE HELL DOWN!!!!! I was so pissed! But I didn't want to turn around, I can just call them up tomorrow and complain. But this taste so god awful! My night had been ruined. I'll just enjoy the rest of my order and sit around vaping the rest of my sack listening to some music and possibly some Netflix.

    ...who likes Baja blast? I'm tempted to ask them if they knowwww how its made next time I'm in the drive thru
  2. That shit is fuckin delicious bro. Pretty much the only reason I ever go to taco bell is for the Baja blast.
  3. shits exclusive man.
  4. My buddy just picked some of those up last night. I passed though. Not my thing. That some bs though man.
  5. The taste of Baja Blast always makes me think of the smell of public bathrooms after they've just been cleaned and a new can of invariably some sort of ocean scent air freshener is put in there.

  6. I just started eating Taco Bell in the past few months...I wasn't feeling ballsy enough to risk a new drink last time I went. But now I think I'll have to.

    Edit: Oh, but that happens to me all the time at the Burger King that's out in the middle of nowhere (with Coca Cola). I guess that refilling things hasn't been thought of there yet! They're also always out of ketchup on BOTH ketchup pumps.

    Edit #2: I think I went a little off-topic with that.
  7. Has anyone tried those new loaded grillers?
  8. Mmmm yeah. But I like code red better.
  9. Livewire > Distortion > Code Red > Baja Blast > White Out

    Regular Mountain Dew is gross. Brand Loyalty!

    Sorry to hear op. :(
  10. Your day was ruined because your drink wasn't made right?

    first world problems.

  11. learn2society
  12. [quote name='"StalinApproves"']Livewire > Distortion > Code Red > Baja Blast > White Out

    Regular Mountain Dew is gross. Brand Loyalty!

    Sorry to hear op. :([/quote]

    Regular MD is the only good one man
  13. society is a lie. fgt.
  14. Dude! I love that shit!

  15. Just the beefy nacho one i think its called, but it was delicious :)
    And i was surpised that they are only 99 cents also
  16. Yeah, they're alright. Try the grilled chicken one, shits spicy as a motherfucker!
  17. 1/2 Blue Poweraid + 1/2 Mellow Yellow

    You're welcome.
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    I've been wanting to try that...I'm making a trip to Walmart. Which has a taco bell right next to it, might as well gets Baja blast. Its a little late at night but whatever!


    So upon entering my car I spot my wallet resting in the passenger seat. Good thing I decided to make this trip or else I'd be running around all of tomorrow morning/when I wake up looking for it.

    So I arrive at Walmart and spot two people resting somewhere away from the door, employees on their break I suspected. So I exit the car and start walking towards the doors and spot the same two people, a couple I'm going to assume. The man stated that the womans his wife and they're homeless and if I could spot some cash, I told him that I don't carry any cash and he apologized for taking my time up, I told him it's ok and that he has to do what he has to do because it's hard out there.

    So I finally get inside and pass by all the employees I take it, lots of boxes in every isle. Obviously they're stocking up for the AM. I was kind of creeped out by the atmosphere. Creeped out as I was, I headed to the back where the soft drinks were. And I must have spent 10 minutes searching through 2 isles. I discovered the Powerade, but could not obtain the Mellow Yellow. Then I remembered the couple out front.

    I started coming up with ideas that they're going to rob me upon exiting the store as I walk past them so I started thinking up ways to give them a reason not to (talking to someone on the phone or something!) but there was a couple in front of me leaving so I hurried up to catch up to them to realize that they weren't ouside anymore. And the man of the new couple was carrying a long box and he went to lift up the box I supposed and I guess got a glimpse of me over his shoulder and just about smacked me in the head with the box he had in his hands. The three of us enjoy a laugh about the situation and walk our seperate ways towards our vehicles. I start up mine and blast the radio up on 16 (goes to 63 but 12 is loud as hell). I had some bass hitting metal playing on the iPod. I slowly make my way through the parking lot, across the street where I get my new Baja Blast that satisfied my tastebuds and my desire for such a tasty beverage, which I'm sipping on as I type this up. I'm down to the very bottom portion of the X-large cups. Damn :(
  19. I've gone 3 months with buying Taco Bell at least once a day. :eek:

    Have to? You MUST! My Burger King, when I used to buy from there, had awful tasting Dr. Pepper and the Coke was always out of syrup, I couldn't stand it! But that's where I discovered that Sprite and Dr. Pepper together taste pretty good! :D Both pumps though? Geez someone is too lazy to fill stuff up!

    The nacho one and the spicy chicken. Nacho one reminded me of the beefy crunch burrito they used to sell. Spicy chicken was awesome!

    Code red, Voltage, Game Fuel(the Halo sponsored one) are the only flavors I drink.

    It was more of a sarcastic exaggeration, of course I wouldn't be upset over something as little as my drink. I was just disappointed at the fact that I was really craving the drink for a couple hours and when I finally get it, it's all watered down. Bummed me out haha.

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