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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ganjaphish, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone, wasn't sure where to post it but it's my real life story so here it is. HEE HEE. (I am dorky-stoned right now so excuse my childishness)

    I posted a cool pic of a jellyfish on some post in the General Forum & thought I'd tell you what I did today, it was the best day in awhile. We've been feeling really cooped up, so Phishhead called me @ work yesterday and said "We're going to Monterey tomorrow." SO, we did. I wasn't sure about the weather, but hell why not? We ate a couple of ganja treats from the club on the way down & smoked a J, and we got there early enough to get cheap decent parking.

    April's the time to go visit Monterey (Cali) if you don't want a crowd. The weather was in the 80s, the sun was shining, just like in the summer but the tourists were so sparse, it was rare. Usually you have to drive around for 20 minutes looking for parking, stand in line @ the Aquarium or for a table @ a restaraunt for an hour, etc. We had the most relaxed day, and took some awesome pictures.
    I can't believe the perfect day I had and just had to share. For those of you feeling "cooped up," once that rain stops pouring down, go out and do something you love but haven't for ages. It's SUCH A TREAT :D
    p.s. view from the Aquarium

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  2. i thought this lil hermit crab was the coolest, but so was the day-glo plant life :)

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  3. here's a tiger shark in the kelp tank, he was eluding our camera all day long and finally we got him!

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  4. more jellyfish :) sorry i love pictures~

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  5. Now I want seafood. Friken munchies.


  6. mighty cool stuff!
  7. nice pics...i think ill call u ganja-cousteau (the french ocean guy)
  8. lol i know how it is to get online high i feel that childish dorkyness too
  9. Cool pics, ganjaphish!! I love checkin' out aquariums, they're a kick!! :smoke:

    glad you and phishhead had such a cool day!! :hello:
  10. i also live near monterey.me n the ol lady go every coupla weeks!!!!!!!FREAKIN AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! i love it there!
    it is the absolut coolest place to trip thru when yer stoned off some fine northern cali.........the aquarium is a fuggin trip!!!!!!!!!!not to mention......ya ever eat at bubba gumps on the pier????????absolutly the best fukin seafood on the face of the planet!!!!
  11. Couple of summers ago I visited San fran, ate at Bubba Gump on the warf... badfucking ass....!!!!
  12. That's a beautiful aquarium!!!
  13. oh thats so pretty! i love pics of the ocean and stuff!
  14. YeahBUDdy....
    I can definately relate to where you are comin from.
    (I live just a few miles down the road).
    The media around here describe this area as being "the best place on Earth", but let's just let that be "our liittle secret"... huh?
  15. ha I live down the street from there I get stoned and wander all over thoseplaces
  16. oh man, i went there last month on a singing tour. fuckin' nice place. wicked aquarium, eh?
  17. Best ever IMO !!

    I have a membership so if anyone wants in there PM me when you go and ill give you a free guest card. And we can toke up or whatever :D
  18. Ah and they call stoners dregs of society...

    It's almost laughable to find it's mostly people who enjoy living life to the fullest not some junkie smoking reefers in a dope den laughing like a loon.

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