Went to Mayhem this weekend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ganoo, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So my girlfriend is pregnant and doesn't like the bands so she wouldn't go, ended up going alone. I took a few hits off my bowl before going in, walked around for a bit listened to some shitty bands.

    Got overheated and sore so I went and sat by the portapotties and this random guy sits and starts talking to me. Turns out all of his smoking buddies backed out of going so it was just him and a friend who doesn't toke.

    We went and smoked up before Anthrax came on then went our separate ways. Kicked some ass in the pit then went up to the main stage for the rest of the show.

    My high is done, and I don't like Motörhead, so I'm laying in the grass and who should come up but the guy who smoked me up earlier.

    We smoked another bowl and watched the video of the pit for Anthrax and parted ways again.

    During Slipknot a chick got a rib broken and I ended up moving the pit about 10-15 feet and kept it away from her until the show was over.

    Ended up being a great show, can't wait to go to another concert, this was my first in 3 years. Will definitely hit up mayhem again.
  2. lol that sounds fucking crazy man! I love when fellow tokers talk to me when I don't even know them. Then, like you, we'd end up blazing a bowl or two.
  3. Stopped reading after "I don't like Motörhead", but still, it's always great meeting fellow tokers at concerts.
  4. Cool man, you live in CT? I wanted to go to the one in Hartford but by the time I found out tickets were on sale, all the good seats were one and the pit was sold out :( I would have gone just to see Motorhead and Slayer, and I've already seen Motorhead live and I can see slayer another time in a better venue.
  5. I went to the first stop in San Bernardino CA and there were TONS of people smoking bud.You could smell it wherever you went.
  6. Sounds like Warped last year. I almost went to Mayhem in Chicago a couple weeks ago, but I didn't want to fork out $200+ for a taxi..
  7. I was gonna hit Hartford too but it was too expensive.
  8. Yeah it's always nice when you encounter a random person to blaze with. One time I met this kid who would just bomb hills and then skitch on buses back up them and bomb them again, I blazed and skate with him all night haha. but

    who the fuck DOESNT like Motorhead?

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