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Went to market

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. and stole a bottle of happiness for me andmy friends to share..where? right here. In mynew apartment we jam to sublime and drink thetroubles away...i can barely type you can't expect us to swalow this tripe? no weed to be found, butcigarettes abound,,,how am i rhyming chiming ringing inmy ears

    i had to be there\
    can\t fight againstthe youth

    vodka scares me....should i tell it to bite the curb...i can control the vodka...the tussin...the camel

    oh boy
  2. lmao, hempress :D

    Never try'd dxm myself, but you seem to be havin fun.

    mm, I could go for some vodka n a few camels atm.

    And no, plz dont talk to the vodka!! lol :)
  3. sublime and vodka r 2 lovely things to mix and match, u sound pretty messed up

  4. tennis?
  5. tennis? who knew.

    Anicournikova (spelled wrong, but eh..)

    Thats tenis.

    Sigh, Hempress im sad to say I cannot join your elite squad of alteredmindedness therfore in no state to operate machienery tonight, but tommorow, I promse you i'll get quite fucked up, its friday ya know! ;)
  6. i suck at tennis, but i got a mean serve

    lol i guess
  7. I heard match and thought tennis...

    Stylez, you should be ealous...i'm so happy:)

    i can mke milies :D:):eek:
  8. i say step on the court with me and we'll get down!!

    i always thought i was too tall for tennis.
  9. lol I am dont worry;)

    Jelous in a good way though ;P

    Tommorow I'll buy some vodka, some bud, n some 151, n we can see who gets the most fucked up! lol:)


    You never ceese to amaze me hempress! lol

    Congrats on ur happiness, hope it lasts many hours to come ;)
  10. thi s keyoard is hard ti typewth..stupid plastuc

    i demand libations...instantly!!!

    haahahahahahaha life is ok,and letme jus say this about that

  11. try saying that 10x fast ;)
  12. I need ketchup for tater tots...I'll be bck
  13. some pretty nugs i picked up today

    very tasty very crystaly

    tasted like bubble gum

    mmm mmm bud

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  15. here ya go

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  16. time for tater tots
  17. time for bong rips

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  18. Oh my god...I don't remember making this thread at all...I need to be more careful. :eek:
  19. (things goint thre my head right now)

    wwwwwwwooooooooo wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee im fucizle ucked up..................Does this theard make sence at all..................was this about tennis or something..............I lkie tatrer tots............was she talking in ryme hungry..........
  20. thedanksta.. that bud looks like.. i dunno.. looks like somethin you'd find in a corner in a basement that isn't used very much at all. It's prolly cause of the picture quality though. You use a cheap pc cam or somethin?
    And whoever said vodka and 151.. what?! 151 is dark isn't it? I'll pass on that..

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