Went to Las Vegas and had some associated events with weed.

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  1. Event 1:
    A black guy smoothly walks by me and whispers "Yao Weed" into my ear.
    I ignored him and continued to sip on my JOOSE as I already had a fat sack in my pocket :D

    Event 2:
    I ran out of weed and walked up to two BLACK guys and asked: "Know where I can get some weed, homie?"
    His response was: "Noooo..." In a smart ass tone with the facial expression of "Why are you asking me? Just because I'm black?"
    Yes, because you are black. That why I walked up to both of you, because you were black.

    Event 3:
    I still couldn't find weed so I asked a whiteboy with a weed necklace around his neck where I could get some. He told me about a smoke shop that sales "weed thats like weed but its not but its 20x stronger."

    Event 4:
    I went to a smoke shop and bought some "fake" weed. The guy trying to sale it to me said I should not take more than 2 hits because it will fuck me up the entire day. I said "really? that strong?" his response was: "fuck yeah bro! its like chronic!" My response: "Chronic? thats not a good thing...see here in cali we have whats called KUSH..."

    So I smoked the over hyped weed and barely got a high. :/
  2. :eek:was it meth?
  3. Chronic = not a good thing? 'Chronic' is usually used to describe really dank bud, while 'kush' is a strain.

    So basically, he probably thought you were an idiot. And you must've not bought the right stuff because Spice does work and many of my friends smoke it who are on probation.
  4. basically you should have just bought from "event 1" guy.
  5. Yeah, thats why the 'fake' weed didnt do shit for me. You and the smoke shop guys are both idiots in my book. I'll stick to the real weed that actually gets me high and not that wack shit you and your homies smoke :)

    and no it wasnt meth lol wtf?
  6. First of all, if you're buying at normal Los Angeles street prices, you are 'overpaying' in my book because I get the SAME quality for a lot cheaper. And I've lived in Los Angeles and visit at least once a year, so I know how the game is working there.

    Secondly, I haven't smoked Spice because I haven't had a need for it. But just because you didn't get high, doesn't mean other people don't. It's sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids which helps produce the high. Every person that I have talked to that has smoked it will vouch for it's credibility, so maybe you just aren't inhaling right :rolleyes:

    And before you start throwing the word "idiot" out, make sure you understand basic weed terminology. I would guess you would be one of those people who uses the word "kush" for all types of weed and not the specific strains, and also calling top of the line bud "dro", while not acknowledging the fact that it's a growing technique and has no relation to the quality of bud at all.
  7. real chronic is weed sprinkled with coke/crack. Some people also use it as a word for good weed.

    Did you buy one of those "legal herbs"?

  8. I smoked spice a couple of times out of curiousity and did not get a buzz at all. I smoke bud daily, so I think I know how to inhale... different strokes for different folks, buddy.
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    wtf op were you serious or being sarcastic...

    if you were serious...

    boo.. u sound like a dick...

    it's annoying having some white kid come up to you saying "yo yo my man where the bud at"

    it's always funny but annoying seeing how i don't talk like that...
  10. I understand that, but for him to dismiss it as 'shitty' because he didn't get a buzz, doesn't mean that it doesn't work. I'm just saying from all of the people I know, they vouch that it gets you as high as bud.

    There are also a few different types of Spice, so it's important to get the right one. I've seen stuff branded as Spice, Spice Gold, Spice Premium (I think that's what it was) and some other name, but I'm not sure if they're the same or if some are sprayed with different synthetic cannabinoids, Either way, it's a legitimate smoking method for people who might not be able to regularly consume bud, and OP shouldn't have just undermined it because he didn't feel the effects.
  11. we have some disp here that accept valid ca recs. we have great weed here when your not downtown and asking them the kush is in the suburbs
  12. If you're talking about Spice, that shit DOES work, dude. I got absolutely fucking toasted on that stuff. It's a good alternative if you can't find any bud or can't smoke because of probation, etc.

  13. 1. I'm not white, by a long shot.
    2. I didnt say that to them lol. I'm just stating the truth... I had a choice of two thug looking black guys over some lame looking tourist. Whose more likely to have the weed connect?

    I'm sorry, but the world isn't all rose petals and marshmallows. Because thats just the way it is! (*sings the tupac song*)

    HCL - Bro, I tossed "idiot" around because you did. I'm just flinging it back to you. And I'm sorry, the shit was wack man, I smoke daily and it did nothing for me. And what do you mean LA prices? lol I never bought any weed there...Just that fake shit :)
  14. Bro, you started throwin' it out before he did.
  15. Hopefully that isn't all you did in vegas. I'm going this weekend. :D

  16. No, lots to do besides weed :D
    I stayed at the MGM signature penthouse 34th floor!! It was sweet :)
  17. East coast 'chronic' = Bud sprinkled with coke/crack
    West coast 'chronic' = Really high class, good bud.
  18. I didn't call you an idiot, I said the guy working at the headshop probably thought you were an idiot for not knowing the definition of 'chronic'; the way you described it made it seem like chronic is some mids or something (and also for using the word kush to describe the quality when it's actually a strain). And I assumed you live in Los Angeles because of the "city of angels' under location, and I know in SoCal the going rate is about 1.3g/$20 for dank. Basically I was saying I know the quality of California and Oregon has the same quality but for cheaper, so my friends that get high off of the Spice smoked the type of shit you're smoking. That was my point - that despite your quality and the amount you smoke, Spice still gets most people high.

    I didn't specifically say I thought he was an idiot, I said that the head shop employee probably thought so for saying 'chronic' is a bad thing.

  19. Yes I am in LA. And yes the quality is freakin great here but the actual going rate is just 1G for 20 dollars.
    And okay MAYBE it works...but as that other guy said; Different strokes for different folks :)

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