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Went to Jail last night....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punkyworld, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. Fucking sucked!!!! I'm only smoking pot in the safety of mine or someone else's house.. The risk is too great.. too much to lose, too much money.. need some good karma.. bond was $1000 for a fucking quarter sack... only had to pay 5% of that tho.. but the fine is gonna suck..
  2. Awwwww, punky, I'm sorry!!! :(

    I'm sending you all kinds of ~karma~ and I'm going to keep doing my part in trying to get things changed because none of us should ever have to worry about our lives being screwed with because we choose to get high!!!
  3. Sorry to hear your plight. Maybe one day the laws will change.
  4. damn that sucks , you ever wanna move in with me just lemme know :) . Dont have to be in fear of smokin weed out here. So do you gotta go to court now or were the charges dropped or what ? Howd you get caught ? Whats prison like ?
  5. Well fortunelly, the pigs were pretty funny.. they didn't charge me with having my piece, or being within' 5000 yards of a school.. We were up at the movies smoking out of my friends sherlock that he just bought that night, and I was rolling fat blizzie when the pigs just came upon us.. asked us what we were doing and told us to step out of the car because of the smell.. I already knew we were going the second I saw red and blues.. they pulled us out.. I was stright up and honest.. so I pulled out my sack and the spoon and sat them in the back of the truck.. he read me my rights, and I said I ain't sayin' a damn thing.. so they bullshitted and searched the truck and found the blunt I just rolled.. then they took us to booking.. they didn't even know how to work the computer.. so after an hour and a half up at the station, they took us to county where we were in the "male holding" cell.. first it was just me and my friend and some 47yr old guy was put in there for a DWI and he had a joint.. and then some black guy was in there for something that happened like 7 years ago.. We basically just talked about what complete and total bullshit it was and that we wanted a damn cigarette.. so I slept.. and they woke me up at 3:30 to ask me some fucked up questions like was I depressed and was I suicidal and all that crap.. I also saw one of my friends picture on the Max 7 sign.. which was a little fucked up.. ate some shitty bisc and gravy and some apple juice.. overall it was total hell.. but i've got some fat roaches that i'll finish up sometime.. after that.. I probably won't be smoking for a while.. fuck this sucks.. if you never think it will happen to you.. one word of advice.. never smoke in public, ever.. case closed.. no debate.. and thanks for the karma peeps.. much appriciated..

  6. lol Jail is like Disneyland compared to Prison.

    That sucks Phunky, at least its all over, for the most part right?

  7. you shoulda said "i only get suicidal if i get woken up at stupid ass times of the morning"

    never smoke in public in america anyways... unless you got balls of steel or live where toosicks lives ;)
  8. Sorry to hear about that Punky! I'm glad you weren't in too long, though.

    Maybe I should stop smoking outside.....
  9. It's our outside to smoke in! But maybe just in the privacy of your backyard for the sake of our cause.
  10. im right behind ya rmjl.

    Im running for president.. fs :p
  11. I feel ya dawgg, I was in last week for some jizzly shizzle, but tha cop that arrested me was a friend of mine and he hooked me up with some shit that helped a speedy release and also mdae it so my car din't get towed. He din't even write me any tickets from the car chase thang. They also let me outta my cell so i can chill in the main booking room right there till my bond went through. They din't find my weed tho, i ditched it after the car chase while the cops were lookin' at the cars and givin' the dude i chased down a white-line quiz, turned out i had a warrant from back in tha day like 5 years ago for a bullshizzle ticket i din't pay, pretty janky.

    Maad Karma for a speedy trip through the court system, just do what'cha gotta do and keep on truckin' maaan!

  12. too sick wut you for to jail for and wut about this car chase?

  13. Doods i been busted for the herbs many of times nothing ever comes of it. Get a good lawyer and shit and you might get bond back. Happened to me when i got busted w/ a zip and 4 bowls. Just dont piss the fuckin pigs off and it gets better to.
    So if you get arrested make friends with a good lawyer
    and dont be dicks to the cops!
  14. Shit man that sucks. We should smoke outside even more. Um... yeah.
  15. wow that sucks, lil advice , when a cop catches you smokin be as honest as you can , cause if you gonna get caught anyways and your up front and honest sometimes they are nicer and will let you go. Out here and in some other states we get nothin more than a ticket and our weed taken from us, hopefully your state will pass some laws like that soon cause thats just gay that they will arrest someone and then not even charge them with nothin, whats even the point of takin you to jail if they wont charge you with nothin. Thats how it was out here in cali for a looonnnggg time then finally a politcian realized it was pointless to keep arrestin people then not chargin them with nothin so now you gotta have over a ounce to go to jail, anything less is just a ticket.

    Did you atleast get a cool bailbonds tshirt or somethin ? when my homie went to county he got a free bad boy bailsmen t-shirt and a coffe cup and a keychain.

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