Went to hospital?

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  1. this happend to me yesterday just thought it was worth posting

    Ok so me my bro and his boy were chillen at my house and we rolled up a blunt of some danks, now my brothers friend just got of probation for crashing his car into someones house while high so this was his first time blazing in a couple months

    so we proceed to smoke a 1 gram blunt and my bros fine for the first 10 min, then i go to get a drink downstairs and hear a loud bang i go to the bottom of the stairs and this kid is yelling from the top "im dead" "im gonna die" and then sais he needs to go to the hospital we try 2 talk him out of it but then he starts lookin for his phone to call 911 and is walkng around my house to try and find a phone to call the cops so my brother decides to just drop him off at the hospital and this kid brings his car keys with him thus blocking my car in my driveway so i couldnt leave my house....8 hours later at 9 at night his brother comes to pick up his car and said he had a panic attack and is staying the night at the hospital..

    idk i guess ive never seen anyone freak out this bad from weed this bad b4 and diddnt really think it was possible i mean i get really high sometimes but not that high.. has anyone else seen b4?

    Short version
    kid smokes weed and freaks out and goes to the hospital leaving his car blocking my car for 8 hours
  2. Sounds like no more weed for that foo.
  3. lol thats sad

    staying the night? the high wears off after like 2 hours, was he traumatized or something? lol
  4. No they ususally make you stay overnight for that sort of thing to monitor blood sugar/pressure and all that.

    happened to my mom although she was just stressed and super overwhelmed. she was there over night and was fine the next day.

    bills will be upwards of 2grand tho. its like 100 for some advil.
  5. ive smoked with this kid in the past so i dont know what happened i guess his tolerance was so low he couldnt handle it
  6. Hahahah damnnn pass that shit

    I had a buddy who went to the hospital cause someone gave him sherm hah :rolleyes:
  7. Damn man that's crazy, next time just drive around with the kid for a little while and say you were taking him to the hospital but stop at a fast food joint and grub down and he'll come to his senses
  8. 1 gram blunt between 3 people? And he had to stay overnight in the hospital? wtf lol.

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