Went to church high

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  1. On the weekend and i figured something out

    What if the people who started christianity are some sort of devils, saying this is the only religion and all this stuff and not to follow some other gods,
    and that the greek gods are the real gods and the devils are keeping us from praising the real gods, and thats why we have so many natural disasters,coz we dont pray to zues and the weather god and shit...

    mm weed
  2. i prayed to zeus and just ended up getting into a lot of promiscuous sex
  3. Are you suggesting that during the period that Greeks were worshipping their Gods there were no natural disasters?

    As for the first part, that theory is just as plausible as the Christianity theory... so you could be right, but as with imagination and creativity, it's infinite. So the chance of your ONE conclusion being correct is incredibly unlikely, in fact in infinitesimally low.

    Conclusion: Don't bother with religion, as the odds that even ONE of the theories we have collectively as a species is correct in accordance to religion, is pretty much zero.
  4. Well captain smart obviously my theory was just a highdea and it was supposed to be a joke
  5. Your revelation/thought sounds like it could be really true! Either that, or I'm just too medicated.

    But in all honesty, I could see it being that way. I am not a religious person, and I'm not here to flame your beliefs at all, man. I always viewed religion as a peace-maker for society. If society believes they can be saved, go to Heaven, and have ever-lasting life in a place where nothing goes wrong, they will straighten up their act and never hurt, hate, or destroy. Now, before I get too ahead of myself, I'm not, repeat, not saying that you have to listen to my opinion. Because I respect your religion and I'm not here to talk down on it. I'm just a stoner who likes to learn new things and learn of other people's religions. :smoke: y'know?

    Back to my entire point though.. I think that religion is great. It gives a person faith that there is something to this world than just greed, murder, hatred, and rape. Those things exist, but the person who finds their higher power will not focus on those, and aim to help others. Which is pretty damn awesome, to be totally honest. If society were more like this (not flaming society either Blades) and focused on others, rather than themselves, we would see an improvement, if not a realization of what we're really doing, and how our negative actions affect others drastically.

    That's my two cents. It feels like I just typed a 5-page essay. :eek:
  6. sounds like a nice high thought.

    I believe there is a good force and a bad force of some sort. The bad force is much more prevalent in day to day life. The bad force wants to make a cynical of all of us
    and if we refuse to fall into that then we will be happy and the good force will live with us
  7. I like your responses ^_^
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    I also want to add that anyone who is anti-Christ.. I don't understand it. Why would you just hate everything? And something that brings peace to some? Note that I said some, because people in other foreign countries kill over religion.

    You make a great point actually. Sorry for my skewed knowledge of the anti-Christ. I guess I have to hear from others before I draw conclusions. Sorry bro.
  9. yeah i know what you mean, there are extremists and i HATE extremists in any religion..i respect most religions, and by most i mean i dont respect things such as scientology...what a bunch of bullshit HAHA

    Id also like to say religion is whatever you want it to be...wether ur christian or muslim or watever, what gets to me is when people pay the shit out of religion because there are people who are like anti gay and shit..they care too much about what people are saying and thinking and they dont realise that its between you and whatever you believe in
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    Hate everything? I don't hate everything. I hate very little actually. I just hate religion. And I got no problem with the people that find peace in religion, just keep it to yourself because otherwise Im gonna say fuck jesus.

    The "anti-christ" people don't like the thought of being watched and judged by a holy parent.
  11. Exactly. Why would you spend your own time criticizing other people's beliefs when you could be doing something productive like I don't know.. working? Just because you don't believe what they do doesn't mean it's wrong. I think that is the main problem.
  12. and just because you believe something doesnt mean its right..had to flip that coin
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    I wouldn't have to criticize your beliefs if they did not constantly interfere with peoples judgment and politics and my every day life.

    We are here to build thomas jeffersons wall of seperation between church and state.
  14. you can take something so complicated as cancer and praise the lord when "he cures you" but the man that lost his arm or leg.. Where is god to answer his prayer?

    And you can't say limbs don't grow back, because that supports evolution and the idea that god does not have supreme power.
  15. Evolution is nature and existance, God is the human race responding to their environment. This sounded good in my head..
  16. id rather not have some sort of religious discussion between the two sides here..it was only a highdea

    But id like to say
    i think people are idiots when they say god did this or that, or they say just u will find happieness if u pray or seek god or somthing
    Also like to add anybody who doesnt believe in evolution is the biggest nob cheese in the world
  17. shank,Im so happt MaryJane opened you're mind.This is one of the biggest reasons it's illegal.It helped me see through the government and religion as well.

  18. Ah, im very open to everything exept hate of course :p
    I believe in god and christianity but if im going to be part of a religion, im going to do it my way and what i believe in

    Godamn government, we should smoke out a whole city and open their eyes to what lies their being told
  19. Yes sir I just went to church high today, I had only gone once before high and that was by myself. This time I was with my family, (yes it's Father's Day today haha). But I don't think it was too weird, as I found most of it pretty entertaining and neat haha. Plus I had a nice cup of coffee :D

    Def a experience and it makes it more interesting to something I am forced or persuaded to go to. Oh wells

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