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  1. Well a couple of weeks ago I got caught smoking bud by my mom and subsequently got my asshole torn apart for it. Earlier today I found out my mom scheduled for me to go a therapist who deals in 'substance abuse'. I found out too late and my mom did it on purpose to tell me about it 2 hours before I had to go so I couldn't move out first. I went to the place, decided to see if I could get some help with my problems and it turns out I deffinitely have AT LEAST acute depression, and possibly severe depression. In around 2 more weeks of therapy the woman said she'll decide who I can go for a prescription for anti depressants and I'll go on those for a week and then go back to her. I have a few questions about anti depression. 1: If I take enough will I get high??? and 2: Does anyone here have any experience with prescribed anti depressants? Will they actually take away my 'I don't care' attitude I have towards life or what? Any and all reponses will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! :)
  2. Like you said They deal with substance abuse so they def wont give you any good pills you probally get SSRI's something like Lexapro
  3. yeah like joeshmoe said the substance abuse guys wont give you any good pills.

    They told me i had severe depression as well when i got busted by my mom.

    They think your doing weed because your depressed, its supposed to be a default thing.

    Retards dont know the first thing about weed, if your depressed it makes it WORSE.
  4. You may be depressed, do YOU feel like you are??? Its possible your doctor is right and maybe meds MIGHT be right for you(I really dont like ssri's though).

    Or its possible that your doctor is a propaganda believing idiot, who is telling every pot smoking teen that they are depressed, and prescribing unnecessary medicine to them.
    It does happen, a good friend of mine was put on lithium, after he ran away from home, and he was never the same.

    In the End its all up to you, But if you don't think that you are depressed or are unsure, don't take any anti depressants IMO.

    Good luck with your situation.
  5. 1. No. They are not going to prescribe the good shit. I had my hopes too.
    2. I have experience with many, many anti-depressants and similar medication. Why many many? Because everyone is different and it will take time to find the right drug and the right dosage. It's a very wack process to be honest with you. They'll usually tell you to give it 6 weeks before the drug is doing its thing and then you go from there. And no, whatever they give you will not just take that "I don't care" attitude and turn it into sunshine and rainbows. It'll help, you might find you have a little more confidence in yourself which in turn may help your thought process, but then the rest is still up to you.

    I wish you good luck. If you do need the help, it's a long, hard (no homo) road, but with support you can make it.

    Happy times homie.:smoke:
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    Don't let someone tell you what mental illnesses you have. That person spent a couple hours with you, how can the psychiatrist accurately tell you what's "wrong" with you?

    And the drugs you get will make you zombie like, most likely, and will not get you high. They're not fun. They're actually a really bad idea to start doing, IMO. The only times anti depressants should be prescribed are when there are absolutely no more options, and you have chronic depression. Even if you have those pills prescribed, I would not take them. Really..just bad shit in general.

    edit: it's unfortunate that the majority of people don't know that most psychiatrists are paid by the medical companies for this ssri's/antidepressants. Keep that in mind. You could be dealing with someone that knows what they're doing as a therapist(and in turn probably wouldn't jump to ssri's) or they're like a used car dealership.

    Think of it this way. Takes a couple hours of therapy to have some benifits, and that's how long you're there. But if that therapist gives you a script. and you walk out in 10 minutes, it is MUCH more profitable for the therapist to write that script. and send you on your way to go buy your "wonder meds".
  7. If you're depressed, I hope it's because you know that you are, and not because the doctor told you.

    Atleast half of those people are fucking morons, straight up.
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    they wil give you an SSRI, which won't get you high. However, as much as some people claim these medicines are "the devil," they will probably help you A LOT. All SSRI's work the same way, but they all have minor differences which makes each one work differently with everyone. You may find that you hate paxil, but prozac really helps. I just got prescribed to prozac for anxiety, not depression, and it helps a lot. I never thought i had depression, but im starting to think i might have because i've been in way better moods, way more positive, and waking up easier and in a good mood (which would never happen. always took me forever to "wake up," and id feel like shit every morning).

    THese won't get you high, but you will deffinitely notice them affecfting you, probably in a good way. If they prescribe you to one that you don't like for any reason, all you do is call your doctor and tell them, and they will switch you to a different ssri. This process can technically continue forever, but they usually find the right one within 2-3 tries.

    The first 2 or 3 days sucked for me. i was wicked irritable. after about a week i noticed they were helping my anxiety and my mood immensely

    [quote name='powrd']
    And the drugs you get will make you zombie like, most likely, and will not get you high. They're not fun. They're actually a really bad idea to start doing, IMO. The only times anti depressants should be prescribed are when there are absolutely no more options, and you have chronic depression. Even if you have those pills prescribed, I would not take them. Really..just bad shit in general.
  9. If you didn't have a condition, I don't think there'd be any viable reason to still be sucking your money... I mean, seeing you... from her perspective. I hope it's YOU that knows you have depression not this hired "help."
  10. waste of money. just quit smoking weed for a while (T break) and clear things up. see if that helps?
  11. I've been on a T Break so far for around 3 weeks and nothing has changed. I'm almost 100% sure I'm depressed to a certain degree. It's gotten to the point where I looked in my parents' room hoping that my dad left his gun out with all of his other work stuff (he's a cop) just so I could end it. Luckily he never has, but if he does and I'm feeling really bad chances are I'll at least get it up to my head, maybe I'll stop it there, maybe I won't I guess only time will tell. Also it seems that if it's not including the green or baseball, I just don't care enough to leave my house.
  12. yeah dude don't overdose, I severly doubt it'll do much, basically the way they work is they allow seritonin, or dopamine, depending on what your taking, neuro receptors to contain the chemical for longer, so when your happy, you stay happy, and you don't have a meltdown afterwards. And be really careful about what you go on, I had to them perscribed and I was put on a bad med. (welbutrin) and it was the worst month of my life on that stuff. And also if you smoke while your taking them, they become ineffective, so yeah, it sucks.
  13. You just need to find your niche, brother. It can take a while but everyone fits into something in the grand scheme of things.
  14. All I'm saying is this man. If you're chronically depressed then SSRI's advantages certainly outweigh the cons, so if you're suicidal then they're a good idea. People lived for thousands of years though without SSRI's, yet you still hear of depression more and more every day. In my eyes depression is over diagnosed just like ADD, but it sounds like they would work to your advantage. You should have stated that you are somewhat of a suicide threat in your original post, I'm sure this thread would have went in a different direction.
  15. i know how your feelin mate , i was addicted to amphetamines for 4 years ( took it every day all day ) i finally got off the stuff when my girl was born , but it left me feeling really really low and shitty , i went the docs hoping to be given something to give me a little 'pick me up' she pescribed me an anti depressant called 'venaflaxine ' ....PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS SHIT !! it gave me severe sweating , panik attacks , crazy trip like dreams that where not nice and very disturbing at times, i packed on weight was coverd in a itchy type rash , i even had an out of body experience where i could hear what was going on around me but couldnt wake up from it (very scary shit ) and im telling you now that getting off this drug was worse than coming off the speed .im still feeling the side affects of venaflaxine now and imho it should be banned . im still depressed now even though my life has completely changed and is going ok , but ive kind of learnt to live with it , ill go through spellls of feeling really low and i sometimes think about going back to the drs and getting a different anti depressant , but that experience with venaflaxine has really put me off .

    hope you find a way to deal with this mate i know its a real shitter having depression .

    weed helps with mine but i suppose everyone is different .
  16. OP this is why I said stay clear of anti depressants. I haven't taken them and never fucking will. Not going to pay for something that makes me feel worse then before with a huge list of side effects, and SSRI's interact with so many other substances you wouldn't believe it.
  17. green and baseball... good man. You must be a yankees fan like myself... they got me awfully depressed lately. first time in my life i can recall them not being in the playoffs:(

    stay positive man, things will get better, i promise. Keep goin to the therapist and try and talk things out with them. Try some medication out and see if that helps. theres a lot of options, and i know its tough, but try and stay positive, its the best thing for your mental health

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