Went on vacation for a week came back to this

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  1. So I went on vacation for a week and left my babies with someone I thought I could trust they looked like they were getting just a bit of nute burn before we left so we flushed them my question is if there is a way to save them by either reveging and hoping or maybe try to flush again and look for new growth I can answer any questions or give you any pics you ask for any advice would be great thank you

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  2. I'd just give them a water with pH'd water, no nutes and see what happens. At least they dried out and got oxygen to the roots! Remember the only person you can really trust with your grow is YOU!
  3. Yeah that's a lesson learned the hard way so is it nute burn or just underwatering? I've looked up plenty of nute burn pics but I probably won't find any that let it get this bad
    And thank you for the fast comment by the way
  4. He probably never watered them till he remembered you were coming back, growing up into the lights doesn't help either...
  5. That's what I thought happened they were pretty dry when I got back so I'll just put them back on regular watering schedule and hope for the best thank you so much I'll post pics of new growth as they develop just in case you get curious about how it's going I just hope it's not a total loss I had some decent genetics in here that I was hoping to reveg and make mommas out of thank you again man
  6. Good luck bro
  7. Just like any plant, water, water, water and pray.
  8. God damn dude. Never leave your plants with someone else, especially if they're inexperienced w/ growing.
    Hopefully they bounce back.
    GL brah.
  9. Yeah I didn't realize this could happen in just 8 days I'm kicking myself pretty hard over this but I won't be going on Vaca for a long time so I can give them the tlc they need thanks for the good luck everyone
  10. I'm about to leave for a week as well. I always set up a gravity fed drip system. It at least keeps 'em watered and happy and alive until I get back...

    I'd be pissed as hell at my friend. No more smoke for them for a while.

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