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  1. Welp, today is my first attempt at guerilla growing. Were not in it for profit this season, we just want to see if we can succesfully grow a few plants outdoors. We have about 4 bagseed plants in 3 gallon pots that we are gonna try planting in a clearing in some thick forest and bramble. We havent sexxed them because we dont really care if they turn out to be females or not (although that would be nice), but if this grow is sucesful though, were gonna try cloning only females and doing numerous more holes for next seasons grow.

    Man I got bit the fuck up by mosquitos though, I think I need to invest in some long camoflauge pants if Im gonna keep going out there.
  2. "We"??
    growing with a buddy??
    what type of soil??
  3. yea you could say i got a grow buddy. Were using Fox Farm soil, not oceanic growth but another kind.
  4. So should I be using a pick to break up the rocks in the soil or wut?
  5. Yes use shovels pick axes and whatever else you may need make sure the holes are deep and wide
  6. how big are the plants so far? how long vegging?
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    The plants are about a foot tall and have been growing since april 20th. Yea I know late in the season to start a sprout, but like I said, this is just a practice grow to learn all we need to know, to do it for real next year and to find out if our spot is worthy of more plants.

    Were gonna learn to clone, do a bunch of females and plant those.

    I just went out, got my shoes wet, but we got 3 plants in the forest in some clearings ready to grow, and we kept one plant inside to learn how to clone off of if it turns out to be female.

    For future grows, Im gonna get a machete so I dont have to make my trail on the outside of the bramble, the bramble was too thick to walk through it so I had to walk out in the open and there was a well worn path through the tall grass after 4 trips to and from it. Probably better to use a machete to make my own path through the bramble so atleast the forest can hide me from the side of the road, but I doubt anyone saw me.
    ^I also recommend getting a pick axe and shovel like this one when going guerilla growing, all I had was a spade and I couldnt make the holes nearly as big cuz my hands were doing all the work, rather than my legs. I imagine the bigger the holes and the more fox farm soil I can put down for the plants to grow in, the better. RIght now our holes are about 1ftx1ft

    Im also thinking of getting some long camoflauge pants and some boots instead of tennis shoes and shorts, my feet were hella wet after going over the creek a couple times and my legs got scratched up pretty bad.
  8. Just a pair of pruning shears instead of the pick would work good. I think using a machette is going to look like a big path. If you use the shears you can make a tunnel into the briars that leaves no visable path. Good Luck:smoke:

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