Went from T5 to 1000w MH and the world ended...

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  1. Ok, here goes nothing. First time post, lets do this you crazy community of expanded minds...

    Started from seed under a T5, plants were healthy, lush, green...thriving. Fox Farm, no nutrients, fabric pots, good ventilation, good temps, good air movement, did some lst training, 18/6, RO Watering every few days...if im missing something, tell me.

    Moved to a different environment: Grow Tent, 1000w MH, Carbon filter, AC coming in, same fabric pots, watering went up to def every 2 days, temps and humidity are right in range, lights are about 24" off the plants.

    Then this: Photos of are 3 plants. 2 are the main fabric pot mothers, 1 just thrown in (plastic pot). [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So there you go. So far to fix it, ive MADE SURE the the temps are under control at all times. I also just within the last 2 days started watering with 1000ppm FloraGro/Micro/Bloom at a PH of around 6.5 just to see if its a nutrient deficiency.

    I am humbled by this community's willingness to help other people, thank you in advance for the help GrassCity
  2. All your specs seem in order, until recently did you ever use nutes, or were they just living off the soil? Might of been some deficiency that just kind of built up over time. Using RO water without nutrients sometimes deprives plants of basic minerals and compounds you would normally get (like magnesium for instance.)

    That is the only thing I see hat could potentially be wrong. If you didn't tell me anything and just posted pics , I'd say you have a nutrient/water uptake issue at your roots, likely caused by pH. But that doesn't seem likely given your details.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, goodluck and let is know.
  3. Pots too small and nitrogen deficiency i think but there are plenty of much more qualified people who may disagree.
  4. Classic magnesium deficiency. Add cal mag and stop using ro water. I used to fight defiencies just like this until I stopped ro. Tap water is much better in soil. Save ro for the hydro guys
  5. That's too heavy of a feed for a first feed. I hope you were feeding before that 1000ppm feed. You want to slowly build up to that. Blasting them suddenly with that much nutes could cause more problems, Such as nutrient lockout.

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  6. STOP USING RO lol, exactly what i thought reading your post thats the only part you are doing wrong use the good ole tapwater just be sure it sets for at least 24hrs to evaporate off the chloromine. You are showing a cal mag def. Foliar feed them with some epsom salt in a spraybottle mix up a tsp in a gallon of tapwater and spray the fan leafs. I grow in exact same conditions as you except i amend my soil with hi cal dolomite lime.
  7. Also meant to add when you swithced lights you kicked that plant into overdrive as far as photosynthesis goes and she is probably eating like crazy, i would do a nice top dress of some worm castings and kelp meal if shes is still vegeing id maybe even add some bat guano sparringly
  8. Whats up everybody, its been about a month since I posted.

    After reading all of the responses I got, my plants got much much better. I started adding CalMag to my nutrient solution. The plants got greener, lusher, thicker leaves and the deficiencies got much better...but Im not out of the woods yet.

    I want big thick lush green foilage and Im still not there. My PPM is around 1000 using a 1:1:1 ratio of micro, gro and bloom, plus the calmag of 1tsp/gallon. I'll be totally honest, I've still been using RO water...I cant wrap my head around why I should be using tap water given that the trace minerals are all included in the Mirco/Gro/Bloom combo. Maybe you could talk some sense into me.

    Anyways, heres some updated shots of the moms and some problem leaves. In the last month I took a bunch of clones and lollipopped just to clean up a bit.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Well you got some great advice in this thread and decided that is was not good enough to follow and you're still wondering why you have issues? Still looks like a cal-mag issue, plants look hungry for nitrogen. Why do you refuse to try tap water?
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  10. Yah sure man no problem. I'm happy to answer your question. 'Refuse' is sort of a strong word for my taste, I'll change it to 'What makes you skeptical about using tap water?'

    In that case, its quite simple really. Plants need nutrients from A to Z. Whether is NPK or Cal/Mag or trace minerals it is already predetermined what Cannabis plants need. Tap water no doubt already has a lot of the minerals and elements that Cannabis needs...hence why using tap water can eliminate those deficiencies. Tap water also probably has quite a bit of things that wouldn't be desirable for plants. When you live in an urban area, water must travel potentially hundreds of miles through a man made aqueduct system to finally reach your tap. Pipes, pumps, collection facilities all introduce potentially undesirable contaminants to your water.

    Another option, is to start with a purified water source with near zero EC or PPMs and add back to it exactly what your plants need. Sure, in the beginning it may be a learning situation, a trial and error of sorts. But once that learning takes place, complete control can be had over your nutrient solution on a level not achievable with tap water.

    Im super grateful for the help and responses in this forum and Im always open to constructive criticism and positive communication.
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  11. Good call on the flush

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