went away for 4 dayz havein some problems

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. hmmm hi i went away for 4 dayz an left my dad to take care of my plants i just got home today an there burnt not burnt bad but i had to trim them up a lil bit they still have enough fan leaves to abzorb all the light they need but my question is why the heck did they get burnt my hps was 18inchs away from my tops of the plants when i left i stoped fertilizing kuz the ol man was takeing care of em an i didnt want him to fert kuz he would burn them so the whole time i was gone everything went well no fertilizer and the heat wasnt to high an the plants were misted daily im confused unless my dad aint tellin me something then i think i may have a problem and one of my plants looks deformed the leaves are growing in all twisted the nodes look very strang to me i have 3 all together an 1 out of the 3 looks so fucked but its heathy but neway if u can help me out thx

  2. hmm, did he water it? If not, 4 days without water could be a problem, or maybe he over-watered it?
  3. yeah he watered it i got him to give them each 2 cups of water every day there in 5 gal buckets so they were watered everyday with 2 cups but there not overwatered there like burnt it almost looks like a fertilizer burn but its not i can tell kuz i have over ferted befor the leaves were just crumbleing but the plants seem to be ok now ill have to keep in eye on them just knoked em into 12/12 so i hope everything works out for me with this grow i want more than i got befor lol ;)
  4. k, hopefully it was just something small, and they'll get better asap.

    Keep me updated on ur grow :)
  5. yeah stylez i will keep posting as i go and shade i will try to get some pics but i have to boro my buddys digi so it will take me a lil while i ll wait till they start showing some nice buds peace


    oh ya almost forgot i might be a dady lol the girl friend might be pregnat ahahahahahahhah scary shit

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