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Wendy's new spokeswoman

Discussion in 'General' started by Apollyon1325, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Hot or not? I'm kind of in between. She's hot but she annoys me.
  2. I like petite women though
  3. im with you.. she annoys the hell outta me.

    i gotta thing for read heads, but the red heads with the big booties..

    would i fuck her tho? demolish
  4. I'm on the app don't know how well this works


  5. Oh yea (thats nasty) - in cleveland browns fictional voice.

    Why go and put igly chick on ur ad thats No cool

    I JUST looked up hot wendys girl to see if i could find sexy woman in wendys outfit for all of your viewing pleasures but sadly this came up..

    hot wendy's girl - Google Search
  6. I wouldn't pursue it but I'd fuck her a few times if I found a nice, low-effort opportunity.
  7. I have a friend that drools over her. She doesn't do it for me though. I dig redheads. Maybe she's just too perky or not natural or something, dunno.
  8. In a battle between her and a baconator

    I'd take the burger
  9. id stick it in her, deep
  10. you all are trippin!


    i think shes sexy!
  11. #12 4ganja2green0, Aug 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2012

    she's no 10 but she is quite fuckable!

  12. reminds me of

  13. shes not flat chested. shes got some titty id hit it
  14. yeah i know what you mean. i's say 8 or 9, i love redheads
  15. annoys the shit out of me.. hate when a Wendy's commercial comes on
  16. i dont watch cable

    TV should be free if there are commercials. Paying for cable should eliminate that crap.
  17. I prefer their real commercials with the actual daughter.
  18. Shed get it... But I wouldnt want to hear her voice

    Reminds me of band camp girl off american pie lol

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